Will Joe Giudice And Teresa Giudice’s Marriage Survive? Siggy Flicker Says Yes!

MOUNT POCONO, PA - MARCH 05: Teresa Giudice, (L) star of The Real Houswives of New Jersey, and Joe Giudice appears at Mount Airy Resort Casino for a book signing and meet and greet on March 5, 2016 in Mount Pocono City. (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Mount Airy Casino Resort)

Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Siggy Flicker, who just happens to be a relationship expert, wants viewers to know that she absolutely positively wholeheartedly believes that Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice‘s marriage will survive their (almost) back-to-back prison sentences.

Phewww! I mean, 41 months, for Joe alone, is a long time, and I know y’all have been losing sleep over wondering if these two lovebirds will weather the storm. Rest assured, Siggy wants us to know that couples who break the law together stay together. Oh wait, that’s what I said. She, the expert, said that Teresa is too busy with her daughters’ endless activities (paid for by their forever endless funds) to miss Joe too much. Also, their love is sooo strong, nothing could ever tear them apart. <insert puking emoticon here>


“Well Teresa‘s very busy with the girls,” Siggy told The Daily Dish. “One has soccer, one has dance, one has cheerleading – she’s busy all the time. How she keeps that fresh [with Joe] is she goes to visit him every week. He is not in another state. She can send the car with the girls and she goes to visit him and they keep it alive like that.”

Siggy went on to say, sure, the busier Teresa stays, the less time she will have to think about Joe, but the bottom line is that they have a solid foundation. “But the love, the foundation of their love is there. Anybody who tries to rip it apart, it is just not gonna work. It’s not gonna work, I saw it with my own two eyes.”

What has Siggy seen… the many reports of Joe‘s cheating? the episode on which Joe called Teresa a “c-nt” and “my bitch wife”? Yeah, not exactly. “The first time I met Joe Giudice, we were watching Teresa [record her] audio book… and he had tears in his eyes,” gushed Siggy. “And, listen, I know she’s going through some tough times. And I can only imagine what it’s like not to have your husband at night to cuddle with, to help you with errands, to just say, ‘Hey, honey, I want to share with you what my day was like,’ but I know that Teresa is in constant contact with him via phone and she goes to visit him every week.”

If you’d like to read more of Siggy‘s thoughts on relationships, check out her book, Write Your Own Fairy Tale: The New Rules for Dating, Relationships, and Finding Love On Your Terms.


Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

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