Mercedes “MJ” Javid Opens Up About Her Engagement To Tommy Feight

It was painfully obvious that Mercedes “MJ” Javid’s mother Vida Javid was not at all supportive when Tommy Feight proposed to her daughter at that super weird renewal themed party in the cemetery. A graveyard is not the ideal place to start a life together, but I totally see what Tommy was going for with the symbolism.

Honestly, I actually think that Tommy and MJ are a good couple. Plus, he is more entertaining than the actual cast members on Shahs of Sunset so I appreciate his screen time. Things seemed up in the air for the couple, so I was a little surprised when Tommy revealed that he asked MJ’s dad for permission to propose. So I can’t even imagine how shocked MJ was when he popped the question.


MJ seemed to be moving at a pretty fast pace with their relationship. I mean, come on, they moved into together and had his sperm tested to see how fertile he was, but then they had some issues and broke up so it was hard to gauge where they really were in their relationship. As a fan I was pumped to see them get engaged. Like I said before, Tommy is a lot better than most of the actual cast members.

Not only was MJ surprised (just like I was), but she still had a surprising take on it. During The Shahs Come Clean with Nadine after show, MJ said, “I had no idea. We talked about marriage. We talked about it, but we were still barely off the heels of, like, a Tinder fling, come on.” I feel like comparing her relationship to a Tinder fling wasn’t exactly the nicest thing to say. If they actually did talk about marriage already, it wasn’t that off base for Tommy to pop the question. 

I’m sure MJ is happy to be off the market, but her take on the proposal is still a little strange.


Photo Credit: Bravo