What Does Julia d’Albert Pusey’s Boyfriend Think Of Her Interaction With Bobby On Below Deck Mediterranean?

I would feel so awkward watching Below Deck Mediterranean if I was Julie d’Albert Pusey’s boyfriend Matty. Julia says that she didn’t lead Bobby Giancola on, but that is up for some debate.

No matter how Julia’s man feels about the way Julia interacted with Bobby, it had to be awkward to know that she was on a boat with someone who had serious crush on her. Seriously though. Those are some close quarters to deal with.  So what did her boyfriend really think about the situation?


Julia opened up about her boyfriend’s reaction to Below Deck Mediterranean in an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish.

Apparently, Julia and her man are really going strong today, “Matty and I took the next step…we bought a flat together and thinking about getting a puppy! “Good for them, but let’s get to the good stuff. How does Matty feel about the show.

Julia said, “I think it was tough for me being away for five months and a bit unfair of me to put him through it all as on Below Deck Med I didn’t have full privacy to talk to him, so that wasn’t fun, and it was back-to-back charters, so hard to find time to talk to him. And, then Bobby creeping on me, so it was a lot for him to take.”

Here’s the thing: Yes, Bobby obviously had a crush on Julia, but I don’t think that Julia did all that she could to make it clear that those advances weren’t welcomed. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

To be honest, I don’t know if I fully believe Julia when she said, “He didn’t think anything of ‘how we got on’ as Matty knows me through and through and my personality, he has warned me in the past that I’m naïve to people’s advances. Let’s say I learned my lesson the hard way!”

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Well let’s hope that Julia doesn’t flirt with any other dudes from now on. I’m sure her boyfriend is thinking the same thing. Let’s not put the whole blame for this on Bobby.

This statement I do believe though (for the most part): “It annoyed Matty that Bobby wasn’t giving up and found that extremely disrespectful. Matty didn’t understand why I was giving Bobby the time of day, but it’s hard when you’re on a 50-meter yacht in the middle of the sea and you get along with someone, but in their head they are thinking it’s something more.” 

Even though Julia seemed to change her mind about how she wanted to interact with Bobby, she did say that she had a boyfriend and that nothing would happen between the two of them so Bobby should have just backed off and cut his losses no matter how much he felt she was flirting.
The other thing to keep in mind is that Bobby and Julia are from different countries so it’s highly possible that “flirting” means something different to one person than it does to another. 
Photo Credit: Bravo