Who Is Tiffany Copeland Still In Touch With From Below Deck Mediterranean? Her Answers Are Surprising!

Just when Below Deck Mediterranean was really starting to heat up, it ended out of nowhere – or at least that is how I viewed it. Everything was just getting juicy and then it ended.

And it got wild during the finale episode when Ben Robinson and Tiffany Copeland had sex…on the same night he kissed Hannah Ferrier. The whole web of Below Deck Med hookups just got so messy and I’m all for it. So with all that craziness, I cannot help being curious about who stayed in touch and actually hangs out after the season wrapped.


This whole cast was weirdly involved in this web of loving and hating each other which I’m sure got even messier once the show aired and people got to watch the cast mates talk behind their backs. So I really want to know who is cool now that the season has wrapped.

Most importantly, I am curious about Tiffany and Ben, who got it on the last night and seemed unusually cool with each other the next day. Tiffany talked to Bravo’s The Daily Dish and revealed, “Ben and I have hung out a few times after the season.” I wonder what that means. “Hung out” is always so vague, but I guess we gotta wait and see what things are like between these two when season 2 (hopefully) airs.

Following the reality star rule book, Tiffany said, “We’re good friends. He hired me to help him with his catering company once since we worked so well together during the season.” I wish she straight up talked about whether they hooked up or not, but I guess she’s gotta have a little bit of mystery.

I’m still vicariously miffed by Hannah’s rude comments that she made about Tiffany after she saw her get with Ben. I don’t blame Tiffany for being peeved .

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“She’s right, I AM low maintenance,” admitted Tiffany. “Not all guys like high-maintenance women, though. But I think she was just surprised that he’d go for me, considering I’m pretty much the polar opposite of her, and I don’t think she was aware that Ben and I had been flirting, nor that we had made out a few nights before. But for her to say that Ben ‘stooped low’ was a little upsetting.” 

I’m not at all shocked that Tiffany made those comments, but the thing that does surprise me was that these two are somehow BFF’s post-charter. Tiffany revealed, “We message each other almost daily. We keep trying to meet up since we are both in Europe right now.” Well, that’s super weird, but then again pretty much all of these people were arguing and/or hooking up, so I guess they might as well just call it even and be friends.

Tiffany might just be the chillest girl on the planet because she has also been hanging with and working with Bryan (who she made out with in the hot tub). Tiffany said, “Bryan was actually the first person I hung out with once I was back in Florida. He helped me get a job, encouraged me to get my captain’s license, and has let me crash on his couch. And I’ve actually hired him to do day work on my boat.” 

Wow – Tiffany is the epitome of maturity still hanging out with all these people when most humans would find that to be totally awkward. 


Photo Credit: Bravo