dont be tardy kroy kim

When the news broke that Kroy Biermann was signed to play for the Buffalo Bills, all of the Don’t Be Tardy fans wondered how Kim Zolciak and her family were going to deal with the change. After all, the family has been based in Atlanta, Georgia for years.

Strangely enough, Kim has had some strong ties to the city of Buffalo throughout her life. So this adjustment will probably be a lot easier than most people expected it to be. 


Kim spoke to to share her love for Buffalo and where it stems from. Believe it or not, Kim has a lot of Buffalo connections. Kim said, “Buffalo is like everywhere in my life. My parents grew up in Western New York. My dad (Joe) is from Buffalo and my mom (Karen) is from Springville. Then my aunts live in Rochester. My chiropractor, my chef, they’re all from Western New York. My chef went to St. John Fisher College.”

Not only does she have ties to Buffalo, but she also grew up in a household that was devoted to the football team. Kim explained, “My dad was born in Buffalo. My dad is Buffalo Bills obsessed to a whole other level. But I guess there are a lot of people who are like that with the Bills because I’m seeing it everywhere on social media right now since Kroy signed.” 

Kim knows what it’s like to be a Bills fan, but will she be able to pull that off these days? She is a mother of six and lives in Atlanta, so that has to be pretty complicated. Nevertheless, Kim declared, “I will be at every Buffalo home game for sure. That’s a definite.” Not only will Kim be at those, but she also explained that she will be able to make some away games as well: “I will make a couple of road games too like at Miami because that’s close. I’ll actually be in California when they have a game out there. I think it’s the L.A. Rams game. I’m out in L.A. quite a bit so I’ll probably be at that game as well. It’s just a matter of trucking the whole family. I have to figure it all out.”

I’m still so curious about how this is going to work. At this point, Kim doesn’t know if the family is going to get a home in Buffalo for the home game weekends, but she is trying to figure that out.

Even though Buffalo is obviously out of the way for a family based in Atlanta, I’m sure that Kim will make this work and it will provide some entertaining aspects for the reality show.


Photo Credit: Bravo