Melissa is pissed at Jacqueline

When it comes to Real Housewives of New Jersey, I’m so used to the craziness and table flipping and rogue fashion shows amped up on faux fur, pleather, white zin, and screaming–it’s actually weird when we get to see the calmer side of things. Am I right? This week’s episode was relatively free of the drama and cattiness these ladies love to spew. What’s that about? We all know a girls’ weekend is when the claws come out for the housewives. Not this one…only Jacqueline Laurita’s paranoia was present, but honestly, we’re all used to it at this point. 

Siggy Flicker deserves a slow clap for the reconciliation I never imagined possible between Jacqueline and Teresa Giudice, and it was certainly refreshing to see more laughing out loud and less lashing out between the frenemies who have been fuming and feuding for ages. Over-under on how long this will last? Carolina Manzo has an idea…


Of course, Melissa Gorga hopes that all will continue to be well in the land of Louis Vuitton and foreclosures. In her Bravo blog, Melissa shares her take on the women’s mini-vacay. She begins, “Hi everyone! As you can see, this girls trip was exactly what we all needed… A time to hang out, talk, laugh, and relax. We were all rooting for Teresa and Jacqueline to make peace and this was the best place to do that — away from our everyday lives and stresses,” adding, “The trip was very eye-opening for us and no matter what is going on with our relationships with each other, the one thing we can all agree on is our love for our kids. They are our pride and joy, and I truly felt for Jacqueline when she got upset. I know how hard she has worked to get Nicholas to the point he is now, and she is doing an amazing job!”

She asserts, “With that being said, I am not one to mask how I am feeling. It was nice to see that Teresa and Jacqueline could move on so quickly and let it go. I’ve always wanted that for them and that’s why I pushed to get them together that weekend. Believe me, I don’t like being in the middle when they aren’t getting along. It’s a very uncomfortable place to be. Like I said during the episode, my relationship with Teresa when she first came home was much more delicate. We had to want to let go of the past and want to build a solid, real friendship and move forward with each other. I get that it’s easier for them as friends to just drop it. I feel like for us, there is much more at stake because friends come and go, but family is forever and our family is finally in a good place.”

Acknowledging that it wasn’t all hair braiding and Truth-or-Dare, Melissa continues, “What annoyed me was Jacqueline’s paranoia when Dolores [Catania] and I were talking at the pool and then again back at the house. Her emotional highs and lows have been kicked up a notch ever since Teresa came home and we all started hanging out. I definitely don’t understand it. I have always been a good friend to her, but her actions recently show me that she wants to push me away rather than embrace the new peaceful dynamic she claims she wants for everyone.”

Melissa concludes, “On a positive note, I liked that this episode was pretty drama-free and actually showed a lot of the fun we had that weekend. I absolutely loved spending time with Teresa. We have such a playful relationship, and I do think MOST of the girls are happy for us. Teresa was the first person to introduce me to yoga, and I have to say it is very calming — but also tough. It really helps ground her, and I think it was nice that she is sharing it with all of us. I wish the Zen could last!”

Don’t we all, Melissa. Don’t we all…


[Photo Credit: Bravo]



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