Siggy Flicker Says Kathy & Rosie Had Bad Timing For Confronting Teresa Giudice

No one wants peaceful family happiness more than Siggy Flicker, but if there’s one message she would like to impart to her fellow Real Housewives Of New Jersey stars it’s that in matters of resolution “TIMING IS EVERYTHING!” (the CAPs were Siggy’s). 

As Siggy so aptly reminds us, a lack of timing “applies to a lot of the relationship turmoil that’s happening during this season of RHONJ.” And every other season in the human existence of Real Housewives Of New Jersey… (this is the storyline that doesn’t end…) The latest Timing Turmoil belonged to Teresa GiudiceRosie Pierri, and Kathy Wakile – cousins who may wave at each other if they saw each other on the street, but otherwise only interact if there is a Bravo camera trained on them!


“Some relationships are easy to fix, some take a little time, some may be past the point of repairing,” acknowledges Siggy. “It all comes down to: is it worth it to you at the moment to put in the effort?” 

Yeah – once someone compares you to cancer, it’s probably time to accept that one ain’t gettin’ fixed! 

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“There is a big difference between making up with a brother and making up with a cousin,” Siggy writes in her Bravo blog.

Yes – cousins get the shaft! Other than recommend better timing, of Kathy and Rosie’s Trouble With Teresa, even Siggy has no idea what to do! “I’m so happy to offer my relationship expertise to anyone who’s willing to listen, but unfortunately, I’m not a magician! Ideally, I’d love to see everyone back together as one big happy family but I would need both parties to agree to that. The timing just isn’t right to work things out.” 

 “Teresa Giudice is trying to get in as much family time as possible in the short time between her arrival home and Joe’s departure,” continues Siggy. “One person can handle only so much emotionally.”

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Richie’s comment certainly didn’t help the situation at all, but knowing Richie, he didn’t intend to cause any harm,” says Siggy. “Sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment that we don’t mean.”

“Down the road, when and if the timing is just right, I hope that this entire group can get along again. Although it doesn’t look like it’s going to be anytime soon,” Siggy accepts. Still, she has not completely given up – check back with her next season!  


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]