Kelly defends David's mom

I felt so awkward watching the last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. As much as I could tell that Shannon Beador’s mother-in-law loves her grand kids, it was definitely in poor taste for her to shit talk Shannon to Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge – both of whom she had just met that day. It made an already tense situation even worse for the family. Also, it was bad timing for Kelly, who just finally found herself on good terms with Shannon.

It is obvious that Kelly tried hard to calm down the situation and to comfort the mother-in-law, assuring her that Shannon has no animosity, but the woman was totally out of control. She caused a lot of unnecessary drama and put Kelly in an awkward spot in her already-fragile friendship with Shannon.


Aside from feeling bad for Shannon, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Kelly. She was really calm, cool, and nice, so it’s a shame that she ended up getting caught in the middle of someone else’s drama. As expected, Kelly shared her side of the story in her latest Bravo blog.

Kelly tried to be diplomatic, “Every family’s dynamics are different, but Shannon’s admission and her reaction to having the girls’ grandmother and aunt at their special event struck me as odd. Regardless, it wasn’t my business and I did not want to learn any more about their relationship. I was there to see a show, not drama.”

Yes. Go, Kelly. Maybe she’s maturing or something. She really had nothing to do with the drama at a big event- for once.

Then Kelly tried to explain that she saw both sides of the story, “When Donna calls me by my name, it’s because she had been speaking to me during the girls’ set. So, when you see Shannon saying, I was expecting Donna to be complimenting my daughters, I can tell you that Donna was.” Well, yeah. Bravo showing the grandma complimenting the girls was not going to make for any sort of interesting story line.

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Kelly defended herself in regard to getting caught up in the Beador drama: “Now, contrary to what you may think, I didn’t want to get involved in Shannon’s family soap opera. Without picking sides, I can tell you what I saw and heard. To me, Donna’s emotions seemed genuine. She was telling me that Shannon does not allow her to see her grandchildren, which made me really sad because I know how important my Jolie is to my Mom and vice-versa.”

Eeeekkk. I get the point that Kelly was trying to make, but detailing that the negative picture that this woman painted of Shannon is not going to do anything for her relationship with Shannon. I have no idea if Shannon read this, but if she did, I’m sure that she is SEETHING.

I honestly don’t think that Kelly is trying to instigate controversy and I think she was trying to be fair to both sides this one time, but this whole ordeal is just so very awkward.

This comment that Kelly wrote made me pretty sad: “When I saw Shannon and David [Beador] explaining to their children in the car ride home what had happened, I felt terrible for the girls. The car ride should have been celebratory and fun, not depressing. The girls rocked the house.” 

I hate to say this, but at the very least the Beador girls got a little bit of extra publicity for their band. Sadly, that came at the price of a lot of sad family drama, but no family is perfect and if anyone tells you otherwise, they’re lying.


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