Dolores Catania Gets Cosmetic Procedure On Her Booty Before The RHONJ Reunion

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE -- Episode 13129 -- Pictured: Dolores Catania -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

The reunion episodes are usually pretty epic on Real Housewives of New Jersey, so I don’t blame Dolores Catania for being nervous before she films her first one. Apparently she is so nervous that she is thinking ahead – and I’m not just talking about what she plans to say, she is also doing whatever she can to look her best and that includes getting a cosmetic procedure on her booty.

That seems like a lot of effort considering that she is going to be sitting the entire time – unless Dolores breaks out of character and decides to get up and storm off. Not only that, but the ladies usually wear long dresses so I’m really not seeing the need to get any kind of procedure specifically to film this reunion, but it could just be more of a confidence boost type of thing for all I know. She opened up about her reunion trepidation and why she decided to fix (what she perceives to be) problem areas before the ladies get together to film.


I think Dolores is stunning, but I totally get it, we are all harder on ourselves than we are on other people, so I can see why she might want to get a procedure done. Dolores talked about her RHONJ reunion fears in an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish.

Dolores admitted, “I am so nervous about reunion. Everyone focuses on what you did, who you are wearing, and I f***cking hate working out. I like to eat, so that’s why I’m getting it done.”

I feel her on that: working out does suck, but that’s a weird thing for her to say since her one story line on this show is that she is opening up a gym.

So what is Dolores getting done? The newest Housewife is getting a procedure called Cellfina to get rid of cellulite. That sounds way too good to be true, but apparently it “smooths and flattens the connective bands of fat below the skin’s surface.”

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Dolores defended her choice to get Cellfina, “Liposuction doesn’t take away cellulite, and this is the only thing proven to work, so I said ‘I’m on it’ because there’s no cream or diet that smooths the dimples. I’ve been in the fitness industry long enough to know what’s going to work, and there’s hardly any downtime which is important for my hectic schedule. I just can’t be laid up for my butt dimples. I am not a p****y. Let’s do what we need to do.”

I have no idea what hectic schedule she’s referring to in all honesty, but I’m not hating on her for getting the procedure done. If she can afford it, then why not? I’m sure I would do it too

Dolores also explained, “When I was younger my Irish grandmother used to put really tight french braids in my hair and tell me beauty is pain, and she was right. My butt dimples are no different. I do not want women to think that women on TV are better than them. We are all the same. We all battle hormones, genetics, whatever.”

I do think that it is cool that she is very open about getting things done to her face and body. It’s hard to know what’s natural and what isn’t these days so at least this keeps things clear for the viewers and can help prevent them from having impossibly high beauty standards.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]