Little Women: Atlanta recap

Little Women: Atlanta Recap: Bridal Showdown

On Little Women: Atlanta, we are slowly but surely switching from baby fever to bridal fever. With Monie Cashette’s wedding planning in full swing, the girls have no choice but to come along for the ride and see how the friendships play out with the Bridezilla that can’t budget.

Monie has been keeping herself busy with anger management classes and delusions of wedding grandeur. Poor Morlin is stuck not only trying to keep Monie’s temper in check, but her spending too. Good luck with that, buddy. One way he has suggested they cut costs is by supplying their own alcohol at the reception and Monie tentatively agrees, provided she can still get “the fancy stuff.” I was busy wondering when Monie got so high maintenance until she makes a bee line for the Moscato, stating that she only deserves the best. The best being a $16 bottle of wine.


Little Women: Atlanta recap

Andrea Salinas is settling back into life with baby Aubrey and deadbeat dad, Chris, who decided to reappear after leaving her stranded for weeks after she gave birth. In his absence, Andrea asked Minnie Ross to move in and help out with the baby, which Minnie happily accepted against her mom’s wishes.

Now Minnie is now feeling all kinds of awkward with Chris back in the picture. Although Chris has no room to make demands about the living situation since he will likely take off again in a few weeks, he pushes Andrea to tell Minnie to go home. Andrea had previously told Minnie she wouldn’t kick her out now that Chris is home but she is quickly caving on this one. Raise your hand if you saw this coming! Minnie needs some backup and meets up with Amanda Salinas, who hates Chris as much of the rest of us but does not really have any advice for Minnie on what to do.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Bri Barlup arrives in Dallas to visit with Emily Fernandez, who admits that there has been no progress with baby JJ. While the doctors in Dallas don’t have a good prognosis, she is waiting on word from the specialist to see if there is any hope. Understandably, Emily doesn’t want to give up on her son and is desperately trying to manage all the emotions that come with the pain she is feeling for her child. When she does hear back from the specialist, he says nothing can be done but that baby JJ is in good hands, so Emily just has to wait and see how JJ responds to his care. What a heartbreaking situation.

Back in Atlanta, Ms. Juicy realizes she has probably been too hard on Minnie and has invited her to sit down with her pastor to try and repair their friendship. Pastor Nate jumps right into mediating and asks Minnie to tell her side of the story. She quickly starts dabbing tears and Juicy acknowledges that she purposely pushed Minnie’s buttons in the past. Minnie agrees to move forward and suggests they do something fun together to move forward. Juicy decides speed dating is the perfect opportunity.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

When the night comes, Minnie is full of nerves but Juicy is full of questions. She’s like a reporter with these poor guys! Minnie and Juicy both pick the same guys but luckily, each guy was matched with the other one, so no drinks had to be thrown. But one successful night out does not a friendship make and I’m waiting for these two to have another falling out.

Chris is back to pushing Andrea into telling Minnie to leave to give them their time as a family. Andrea caves and knows she is going to have to screw over her friend. She sits down with Minnie and doesn’t even beat around the bush – she tells Minnie now that Chris is back, they need privacy and Minnie needs to move out. Understandably, Minnie feels like she was taken advantage of and claims she can’t go back home. She can, but she doesn’t want to face her mom saying, “I told you so” and decides to start packing ASAP. Andrea barely apologizes and lets her go on her way, relieved she does not have to fight with Chris about it anymore.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Monie has invited the girls to a bridal show with Morlin but only Ms. Juicy and Minnie show up. As they make the rounds, Minnie quickly gets upset with Juicy constantly bringing up that she’s the Maid of Honor. She pulls Monie aside to tell her and express that she thinks she should have been Maid of Honor instead. Monie has zero sympathy and cites Ms. Juicy’s “realness” as proof enough that she should be her Maid of Honor. She tells Minnie that she doesn’t need to be a part of the wedding at all and Minnie stomps off, saying she doesn’t want to partake in a “ghetto wedding” anyway.

Monie quickly recovers and heads to the stage to play the newlywed game in front of the crowd. The winning question for her and Morlin to take home the prize? Whose wedding invitation would you like to see get lost in the mail? Both Monie and Morlin respond with Minnie and Monie says that is why they are meant to be. Tell that to the alcohol budget, honey.


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