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It’s not too surprising that Bethenny Frankel’s daughter Bryn Hoppy is not on Real Housewives of New York. Aside from arguing with other Housewives about their personal lives and promoting her brand, most of Bethenny’s life is shielded from the reality show cameras.

I can’t say that I blame Bethenny after she took the exact opposite route with her exposure and had a spin-off show devoted to her short-lived marriage with Jason Hoppy. I mean she took a pregnancy test on camera. She shared an awful lot back in the day and things did not work out the way that she imagined, so I kind of get why she’s trying to be a little more private these days.


Nevertheless, this is a reality show, so it makes me wonder how much of Bethenny’s actual reality we get to see and why she refuses to have her daughter on the show.

I assumed Bethenny couldn’t have Bryn on the show because her ex husband wouldn’t let her, but in a recent interview with People, she cited other reasons for keeping Bryn out of the spotlight.

Bethenny admitted, “My daughter is not on the show for a couple of reasons. A child with a microphone on them, with a mic pack on them, is not really natural. That’s kind of like working. You have to be somewhere and you’ll have a microphone on you and it’s being filmed.”

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I do feel like that would be awkward for a child who is that young to comprehend, but there are plenty of Real Housewives kids who grew up in front of the cameras and so it’s a little bit unusual for the franchise.

Then again, there are so many kids who appeared on reality TV and things did not go so well. It’s hard to tell if that has to do with reality TV or if that’s a result of other factors, but Bethenny cites Kate Gosselin and her family as a cautionary tale that she’s trying to stay away from. “But I would say the way that it was with the Gosselins with all those kids that were working, they had to have a tutor around or supervision. That doesn’t sound natural to me.”

Fair enough, but those Gosselin shows were all centered around the kids so they were filmed a lot more. I’m just wondering why never even see Bryn in the background on Real Housewives of New York. I get the point she’s making, but those are really two different types of shows.

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At the end of the day, it seems like Bethenny is trying to do what is best for her daughter.

The Skinnygirl founder explained, “I think kids need stability and to feel calm and proud of their home. She’s an amazing, amazing little girl. She’s so happy. She’s not really aware of what’s going on, which is great. I’m proud of that. It’s been by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever been through.”

It’s interesting though how some Housewives really put it all out there and show everything and then there are others who put a lot of effort into controlling their own narrative on the show.


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