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Camille Grammer Opens Up About Her First Post-Divorce Home & Her Lack Of Relationship With Ex Kelsey Grammer

When Real Housewives of Beverly Hills began, Camille Grammer was all about being Mrs. Kelsey Grammer, but anyone who watched season one knows things did not end up too well for Camille. The couple split up after Kelsey had an affair with his now-wife Kayte Walsh.

It took Camille a little while to bounce back from that, but now she has her first home since the divorce, and she’s opening up about her family life these days.


Camille managed to go from being someone who seemed to be all about her marriage and herself to a person who fans love and who does so many philanthropic things for others. Through her appearances on the show and her posts on social media, we have seen her grow a lot over the years. Camille‘s new home is a significant step in that journey.

Camille opened up to Entertainment Tonight about her new $3.2 million, 6,000 square foot crib in Malibu. And by crib, I mean mansion. Camille described the purchase as part of her “new beginning” since she has spent just under a year on renovating and decorating to make the house a home.

Talking about her previous family home, Camille remarked, “I was there for 19 years, so it was difficult to leave it. [There were] a lot of memories there and my kids grew up there.” I completely understand why it would be hard to leave, but the couple split in 2010, so I think this is the perfect time to branch out.

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Unfortunately for Camille and her two kids, Kelsey and Camille still have no relationship at all, even when it comes to co-parenting. From what I’ve seen and read in interviews over the years, that is the exact opposite of what Camille wants, but it seems like it’s out of her control. “You’d really have to ask him,” she admitted, “and since I’m not a therapist I can only guess, but maybe there’s some guilt on his part.”

Why does Camille think that? Sadly, she revealed, “My daughter talked to him a couple of times and said, ‘Dad, why don’t you talk to mom?’ And he goes, ‘It’ll make me feel bad.'”

Well that seems incredibly selfish and insensitive. What an asshole…but I feel like all Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans think that about Kelsey. Pretty much everyone is Team Camille on this one.

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Aside from refusing to talk to his ex to co-parent, Kelsey didn’t even reach out to her directly or indirectly when she was undergoing treatment for endometrial cancer. What. The. Hell.

Camille elaborated, “I got no support from Kelsey, none whatsoever. And that is heartbreaking. Any time something happened [to him], I would have reached out.” Damn, that’s cold, as if he already has done her wrong enough. Camille continued, “[There wasn’t] even a letter to say, ‘Are you okay?’ Or an e-mail, or have someone reach out to me from his camp. I think it is pretty harsh.

Now looking forward and trying to stay positive, Camille shared, “I’ve had a lot of mud slung at me over the years, and [I’m] just trying to remain positive throughout this process because it’s only going to keep my kids positive and it’s gonna help me and help me in my remission with cancer.”

Thankfully, Camille has evolved into an independent woman. Her new home is exactly what she needs to make a fresh start.


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