Below Deck Recap

Below Deck’s Captain Lee Thinks Kelley Johnson Needs to Grow Up; Plus, Weighs In On The Crew’s Love Drama!

Much like Russian literature, this week’s Below Deck was all about longing and rejection. And Captain Lee Rosbach does not shy away from snarking on all of it in his latest blog! Claiming Kelley Johnson and Sierra Storm both lack maturity, Lee calls them out on their antics, as well as crew’s overall lack of professionalism.

Captain Lee begins, “The guests are just the best. We have romance in the air, but it shouldn’t affect my crew. Where are their heads? Never mind, I withdraw that question. Everyone, save for a couple, seem more preoccupied with their social, and love life than the task at hand. Which, by the way, is running a successful charter yacht to the highest standards. Instead they are running around worrying more about getting laid than anything else.”


Next, Captain Lee goes in on deckhand Lauren Burchnell, who he calls “rude.” Lee scolds, “You interrupt a conversation that she is having with Nico [Scholly] and demand that he stop this conversation because, ‘You and he need to have a conversation…NOW.’ Really? I agree with Kate [Chastain], who in the world do you think you are? You are a deckie, and a junior deckhand at that, and you’re interrupting a chief stew, a department head, because what you have is much more important than a serious safety issue. You better get over yourself girl or things won’t be going well in your future, I assure you.”

But Lauren is not the only one to blame in panini-gate! Captain Lee wonders, “Nico, how do you take orders from and junior deckhand, turn your back on a department head, and just walk away. Rude behavior as well. I expected better from you. Especially when all she is trying to do is find out how we had a serious safety situation on board and you were the one who found it. Where are your priorities?”

In Lee’s opinion, the entire deck crew needs a major reality check. He claims it’s absurd of Nico “to think that I have it out for the deck crew. Don’t you think that someone needs to check on you guys, because you obviously are not getting it done properly? I would prefer that I not spend my time baby-sitting you guys, but then that would require that you do your jobs properly. So when the guests notice it, it’s time for me to step in.”

As for matters of love on the high seas, Captain Lee thinks everyone just needs to wise up. He questions Kyle Dixon’s motivations first. “I’m trying to figure out why you’re chasing after Sierra like a love struck puppy dog when I can’t see that she has displayed any interest in you whatsoever.”

“And did I hear that correctly that you ‘came out’ to your dad. That’s all good, but don’t you think that may have been something Sierra might have wanted to know, seeing as you were trying to bed her without any ‘Hamiltons’ as you put it. My, you are full of surprises, sir, and I think there is more to you than meets the eye.” Yes, indeed! And given the sneak peek of next week’s episode, Kyle’s backstory is about to go 50 Shades Of Wacko on us!

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Lee does think Sierra unfairly led Kyle down the primrose path, however. “I do feel that Sierra should not have accepted your date request. I didn’t feel that she was being honest or fair with you. That being said, I also felt that Kelley should have kept his opinions to himself.”

As for Kelley’s job as bosun, well, his days look to be numbered. And it’s not only due to his job performance. Captain Lee says that “this week for [Kelley] falls under the category of ‘What were you thinking?’ I do think that Emily [Warburton-Adam] should have been more forthright in letting you know that she wasn’t interested in you in a romantic way. That being said, I do think that when you found out she was going out with Ben [Robinson], you did take it out on whoever was close.”

“Should she have been more up front with you, yeah, but that didn’t happen and she went out with Ben, continues Lee. “Message delivered, maybe not how you liked it, but delivered nonetheless. Deal with it. This is the real world and you are going to have to learn to handle rejection and criticism much better than you displayed in this episode or you’re in for a lot of frustrating times my friend.”

Kate also didn’t throw Kelley under the bus over the “boat bomb,” as he initially complained. Captain Lee counters, “your deck crew did, mainly Lauren. You owned up to the panini maker being your fault, way to step up, but most of the drama that was caused was by you. Not exactly the way I like to see my bosun act. I think you need to stop trying to be your crew’s best friend and boss at the same time. Never works and you may find that out the hard way I fear. But for me, I think you will bring it around, I still have faith.”

Ending with advice for Kate to quit “playing cupid,” Captain Lee admits that it was nice to see Ben and Emily enjoying each other’s company out on a date. He just hopes it doesn’t interfere with their job performance. (Although, given highlights from next week’s episode, we know it likely does!)

Finally, Captain Lee puts Sierra on blast once more for her immaturity in dealing with the Kyle situation. He blogs that her behavior “was just plain rude. I also didn’t think it was in your best interest to confront Kelley. You were in a no-win situation with that one. It wasn’t Kelley’s business, but you brought him into the mix when you brought it up to him. Obviously Kyle speaking to him was enough to stoke that fire. I felt you didn’t owe Kelley any explanation; Kyle, yes, Kelley, no.”


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