Kelley Johnson and Nico Scholly on Watch What Happens Live

Kelley Johnson And Nico Scholly Dish On Their Below Deck Co-Stars On WWHL

Below Deck stars Kelley Johnson and Nico Scholly were Andy‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight. While in the clubhouse, they dished on Captain Lee‘s toughness, the Emily Warburton Adam love triangle (Or was it a quadrangle? Whatever is was, I still do not get all the fuss over Emily!), Kate Chastain‘s legal woes, and more.

Andy asks Nico about his accent. He jokes that it’s “mostly drunk.” Nico shares that he’s from Chicago, but adds, “Working on a boat for almost two years [and yachting for five years], you start picking up these different culture accents.”


Andy wants to know if Captain Lee is too tough or if the crew is too crappy. “At the time, we saw it as he put a lot of pressure on us and wanted standards really high,” says Kelley. “Now that I look back on it, I think he just wanted us to raise our standards even more. And he thought we could do more than what we were doing.”

Nico adds, “He is trying to make us excel in points that we thought were okay, but he wants to see better than okay; he wants to see excellent.” Kelly boasts, “Because he sees that potential in us.”

Between Kate, Lauren Burchnell, Emily, and Sierra Storm:

Who would you never want to work with again? Nico and Kelley both say Sierra. Kelley adds, “She goes from one end to the other – she is very emotional.”

Who would you choose to work with for the rest of your yachting career? Lauren.

Who have you had the most sex dreams about? Nico and Kelley both say Kate.

Who has the highest freak number? Kate. Kelley points out, “She dipped into the closet,” and Nico adds, “And out of the closet before.”

Who would you want to have a one-night stand with? Kate. “Because she has history,” says Nico. “She’s got experience.”

Who would you donate a kidney to first? Nico and Kelley both say Lauren. Kelley shares, “She’s like my little sister.”

Then, because these questions were not misogynistic enough on their own, Andy “drums” on Sierra, Lauren, Emily, and Kate‘s heads on the screen. For, like, a whole minute. <eye roll>

A caller asks if Nico and Kelley are currently single. The answer is no for both.

Has fired SENIOR deckhand Trevor Walker reached out? Kelley shares, “He actually messaged me and tried to reconnect and I just didn’t have anything to do with that.” Nico says he ran into Trevor in Fort Lauderdale, adding, “He is still the same man.”

A caller challenges Nico and Kelley to say three nice things about Trevor. 1) “He has wonderful hair.” 2) “He tried,” acknowledges Kelley. “I just do not think the social skills were there for him.” 3) “He smelled magnificently horrible.”

What are Nico‘s thoughts on Kelley‘s behavior towards Sierra and Kyle?

“He’s looking out for the best for the crew. He looks over not only the interior, but also the exterior, because he’s the bosun and he’s in charge of everybody for the most part. There’s different ways you can approach things, but you need to have some leeway towards other people and you need to lay down the law when it comes to disrespecting someone. I think he did well with both being a friend and a boss at the same time and telling her what needs to be done.”

Nico admits he was “irritated” with Kelley for telling Emily he had a girlfriend. “I was not dating someone during the show.”

When asked why he tried to kiss Sierra when he liked Emily, Nico jokes, “She is a cute girl and I was drunk and that’s why they call me Freako.”

A caller asks about the domestic violence charges against Kate. “I know Kate,” says Kelley. “It’s unfortunate but I stand behind her 100%. She is an amazing person.”

Nico adds, “We definitely have her back. Not only just because we become this little family but because…you look at the logistics and some things just are not right. We definitely have her back regardless of what happens during filming or after filming.”

How is Kelley’s sister Amy Johnson these days? “She is amazing. She is in Fort Lauderdale. She is yachting part time and starting her own business.”

When asked if he thinks he knows more about yachting than Kelley, Nico says, “Absolutely not. I learn from him every single time but we can also work together in an efficient way.” Andy jokes, “I’m voting for you for Senate.”

Poll – If you were Emily, who would you choose Ben or Kelley?

Ben – 62%

Kelley – 38%


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