The last Real Housewives of New York season was such a hot mess, I felt like I had withdrawal symptoms when it all ended. I really miss my NYC ladies… well, some of them.

Although she’s super polarizing, I can’t help wondering what Ramona Singer has been up to these days, especially since the next season is currently filming. In not so shocking news, Ramona reportedly got kicked out of a private party. Also, in a little bit surprising news, it seems like the Ramonacoaster just threw some shade at her ex Mario Singer.


You never know which Ramona you’re going to get. This past season she prided herself on being a peacemaker, but at other times, she was a total shit stirrer. Sometimes Ramona is criticizing the other Housewives for turning up too hard and other times she’s the life of the party. So it is not shocking to hear that she got tossed out of a private event. It’s Ramona, anything can happen.

According to a report from Fox News, the Ramonacoaster was derailed when she was “asked to leave a dinner at Philippe.” Apparently, it was an invite only event, and she crashed with a “male pal.” The man reportedly tried to earn his spot at the event by throwing money around, but there was an open bar so that was a fruitless move there.

A “spy” told Fox News, “He thought it was a bottle-service situation. He kept saying, ‘We can buy nine tables!’ They didn’t realize it was an invite-only seated dinner.”

Awkward. Maybe they didn’t know? It sounds hilarious to me though and I hope that the Bravo cameras were rolling during the incident.

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Ramona is always causing trouble and a lot of the time it doesn’t even seem intentional, so her offending someone at a social event is just par for the course and I always enjoy watching it. In contrast, she’s actually been pretty dignified in the wake of her messy split from Mario – even though he was a total POS for cheating on her in such a public manner. She has been mum about all the drama, which I assume is out of consideration to their daughter, but I can’t help wondering if she meant to throw shade with one her most recent Instagram posts.

Recently, the reality star tweeted, “#kitchen renovation. So excited.” This is not super exciting to me since the Real Housewives plot lines that center around home construction, real estate, decorating, or anything in that vein are usually way to drawn out and yawn-worthy to me.

But this renovation does get a little bit interesting if you jump from Twitter to Instagram. She also posted the photo above of herself with the caption, “My new Mario of Bathwearhouse in Linden NJ. So excited for my new kitchen.” I could not help laughing. I’m assuming this is some innocent guy who happens to have the same name as her ex husband, but I couldn’t help wondering if she was throwing a little bit of shade there by saying she had a “new Mario” to help her with such an important task.

At least that’s what I hope she was doing. Ramona has no issue speaking her mind to any person in any situation, but she has been surprisingly reserved when it comes to discussing Mario and her divorce, so I just want her to take one little dig at him for being a total scumbag and cheating on her. Plus she could get away with this caption if this guy helping her with the construction is actually named Mario, so why not throw some inconclusive shade?


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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