Porsha and Phaedra

To put it mildly, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams got off to a rocky start when they first met, but now these two are the epitome of #BestFriendGoals on Real Housewives of Atlanta. They even refer to themselves as “frick and frack.” With that said, the best friendship does not mean that they automatically agree with each other’s decisions. Case in point: Phaedra is not exactly on board with Porsha’s proposed plan of becoming a single mother.

I figured that since Phaedra is now a single mother herself- since Apollo Nida is locked up in prison- that she would have more empathy for Porsha’s desire to be a mother. But then again, she obviously knows how difficult it is, so I can see why she would want to look out for her bestie. Nevertheless, Porsha does seem genuinely interested in becoming a mother- with an emphasis on that happening sooner rather than later.


Phaedra definitely knows how tough it can be to raise a child on her own, I mean she has two, but there are a lot of women who have thrived as a single mother, so it’s interesting that Phaedra has such strong opinions about Porsha wanting to be a mother.

In an interview with, Phaedra was asked about Porsha’s plan to have children that she talked about during the last episode. Phaedra explained why she is so hesitant about Porsha taking on motherhood by herself.

Phaedra said, “I know Porsha wants to be a mother, but I was a bit taken aback by her plan to side step a husband on the way to baby land. Her desire for a baby clearly outweighs her desire for marriage.” A lot of people have families in “nontraditional” ways these days, so I’m a little bit surprised that Phaedra doesn’t seem to think that Porsha can take this on. Maybe that’s not the case, and she just wants Porsha to have as much support as possible if she becomes a mother, but not everyone is romantically involved at the time when he or she is ready to have a baby.

Phaedra emphasized, “I love Porsha dearly and want to see her happy, however I do not recommend intentionally becoming a single mother.” Obviously raising a child is a lot of work, so I can see why Phaedra would want her good friend to have support, but at the same time Porsha has been talking about wanting a baby for years so it would make sense to surmise that she has put a lot of thought into it.”

Phaedra thinks that she should give Porsha a little taste of motherhood so she can know what it’s like. Phaedra mused, “Maybe I will let her babysit my two sons (who double as my ultimate workout plan) for a week to help her recalibrate her thoughts.” Now that is something I would love to see on the show. Plus, Phaedra’s sons are so cute, so I would be happy if they got more screen time.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]