Sonja at Luann's engagement party

There’s no way you could not love Sonja Morgan. She is the breath of fresh air that Real Housewives of New York always needs. She tells it like it is without actually being mean. Pretty much everything Sonja says is hilarious, so it’s tough rounding up her “best” quotes. There are just too many good ones to choose from.

One of my favorite things about watching reality TV is when I have those “she said exactly what I was just thinking” moments and I get a lot of those with Sonja, but my favorite thing about her is that she says the most ridiculous, and on point things that I would never think of. Even though I have no idea what her actual job title is, one thing is clear, this woman was meant to entertain us Bravoholics.


Pretty much everything Sonja says is instantly quotable and meme worthy, so there’s no better way to honor her birthday than by revisiting some of these classic Sonja-isms.


1. When She Was Wondering Where Dorinda Was


I will never get over a drunken Sonja going up to Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend John Mahdessian to confront him about going out without his girl. It was instantly iconic and it really put Dorinda on the map as a Housewife.


2. When She Explained Her Role In The Clique


Just like almost everything that comes out of Sonja’s mouth, this one immediately stuck. She really is the straw that stirs the drink and that’s why her fans love her.

3. When She Was Turning Up In Atlantic City


As happy as I am that Sonja has it together and is sober these days, her drunken antics were truly iconic. No one knows how to have fun as well as Sonja– she really does “always have a great night”, drunk or sober.


4. When She Broke A Tooth


Sonja really has a good time no matter what. Even when she broke a tooth, she still  continued the party. I’m honestly kind of confused about why she would go to a veterinarian instead of a dentist to fix the issue, but that’s such a Sonja thing to say and I am beyond intrigued- as per usual.


5. When She Went Toe To Toe With Bethenny


Sonja really didn’t stand a chance arguing with Bethenny Frankel, but she did come through with the comic relief. When Sonja quipped, “Do you think I got where I am by being stupid,” Bethenny famously asked, “Where are you?” It was so awkward and hilarious. I’ll never forget that moment.


6. When She Declared That She’s An Artist


If we all believed in ourselves half as much as Sonja believes in herself, we would all be beyond confident. I have no idea what kind of art Sonja produces, but if Sonja says that she’s an artist, then I am just going to support that.


7. When She Bragged About Partying With JFK


I have no idea what Sonja was talking about since JFK has been dead for a long time, but maybe she does party with him all the time? If anyone can make the impossible possible, it’s Sonja Morgan. Now I’m just wondering if she’s ever actually met Madonna.


8. When Sonja Revealed A “Career” In PR


Sonja really does it all- or at least she thinks so and that’s fine with me.  However, Bethenny was just not having it when Sonja bragged about having a career in PR.


9. When She Kept It Real About Her Drinking


This is not a profound quote, but it is certainly a relatable one- at least for a lot of us. I feel you, Sonja. Turn up or die.


10. When She Outlined Her Sexual Boundaries


My girl has some standards when it comes to her sexual interactions with the opposite sex and a lot of it revolves around a credit score- apparently. At least she’s keeping one hundred.


11. When She Defended Ramona Against Jill Zarin


We all remember Jill Zarin’s surprise appearance during Ramona Singer’s vacation back in the golden era of the show. That did not go over well and Sonja tried to explain that her BFF Ramona made a major effort to talk to Jill– I mean she did get up from a pedicure, that’s some serious stuff.


12. When She Encouraged Sex Positivity


Almost everyone has to (awkwardly) leave a hookup the next morning, but there’s no shame in Sonja’s game. More people should adopt this attitude.


13. When She Interviewed Potential Interns

Sonja-Morgan-Quality-Of-Life    Sonja-Morgan-Go-To-A-Gay-Bar

I wish that I had a job interview like this. I know the interns don’t get paid, but working for Sonja with this “quality of life” is definitely something I could be on board with.


14. When She Learned The Meaning Of “White Trash”


Aside from throwing her leg, Aviva Drescher contributed pretty much nothing but annoyance to the show. Needless to say, I was vicariously offended when she referred to Sonja and Ramona as “white trash.” Thankfully, Sonja just didn’t give a f**k. Aviva’s opinion means nothing and even if she is right, Sonja is a queen.


[Photo Credits: Bravo; Tumblr]


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