Eden Sassoon Dishes On Her Colorful Past, And How She Feels About Her RHOBH Gig

She may not be a full time cast member of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills this season, but Eden Sassoon is making waves already. Eden seems sure her place is RHOBH history is already cemented, claiming, “I don’t know that there could be a next year without me.” And she hasn’t even appeared on screen yet!

Daughter of the legendary hair stylist/mogul Vidal Sassoon, Eden is rumored to be butting heads with cast members already – namely, Kyle Richards. But it’s her personal backstory that Eden focused on in a recent interview – in which she dished on everything from her alcoholic past to somewhat shocking celebrity hookups!


“If you want to become a celebrity, go ahead and date me and then you will become one,” Eden bragged to Keven Undergaro of The Tomorrow Show. “Before Tobey Magiure was Tobey… before Neil was Neil and Gay… Neil Patrick Harris… before Orlando Bloom was Orlando Bloom was… Oh, I got a good eye.”

Eden also claimed she had a near-tryst with Rob Lowe and even gave Mac Miller a…favor. “I did give him [Mac Miller] a blow job…I didn’t want to sleep with him, so I was like, ‘let me take care of this kid’…I don’t know if I would take Mac or Justin [Bieber] for a date.”

Um. Alrighty then!

Opening up about more serious matters, namely her sobriety, Eden recalled her last days drinking: “I remember this was the second to last drunk and drinking it like it was water and that was not the way I drank but for some reason I did that night and uh I woke up like 4 or 5 hours later, fell off the table, hit my head, my body, everything passed out, passed out at the tattoo place.”

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Eden added that she was once so drunk, she removed her own IUD at home – by mistake! “I’m like holy shit and I took it in a plastic bag to my gyno and she’s like my sister and she goes Eden no one has ever done this before.”

So, does this mean Eden will be able to sniff out the truth about Kim Richards’ sobriety, which the RHOBH alum is claiming to be “amazing” these days? That remains to be seen. But Eden does admit she saw Kim as a bit of an icon, as a child. “I, growing up, would go to the set of my sister’s film and Kim and Catya were the stars and I would want to hang out with Kim because my sister was my sister and that’s not cool.  And I had this younger girl crush on her (Kim).”

As for her thoughts on Lisa Vanderpump, Eden gushed, “Hands down, Vanderpump’s my girl – like don’t disrespect that woman,” adding that Lisa was also “friendly” with her late father.

It seems like Eden will be one to watch this season, given her no-filter attitude thus far. Let’s just hope we don’t have another Brandi Glanville on our hands. Because, really, haven’t we already paid our dues to the Bravo gods in full by now? #NeverAgain!


Photo Credit: Richie Knapp/Bravo