This season of Below Deck has been so good. It is chock full of drama and I’m living for it. One person with no tolerance for bull shit who has been all kinds of annoyed this year is my girl Kate Chastain.

Kate is not afraid to speak her mind in any situation so it makes perfect sense that she has a book coming out soon. I can’t wait to see what she has to say about her experiences on the show – especially since she also mentioned that there won’t be a Below Deck reunion this season. This news really upsets me because I would love to know what the cast members have to say after watching the season, but I’m sure Kate will be serving up enough tea for me to feel satisfied and entertained.


When a fan tweeted to Kate, “I hope you get lots of apologies at the reunion @Kate_Chastain #BelowDeck,” the reality star replied by saying, “I don’t think we’re doing a reunion this year. @Bravotv has a pretty exciting winter line up of shows to fit in!” Ugh. I’m so annoyed.

I am beyond bummed that there won’t be a Below Deck reunion, but I do feel like Kate talking shit about her fellow cast members will be pretty entertaining. Kate knows how to throw some pretty good shade on the show so I have hopes that her book will be a good read.

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Kate announced the news about her book via Twitter. Kate tweeted, “FUN FACT: you can all take a page out of my book being published on Amazon next week after the final #BelowDeck episode.”

Kate already has a website where she blogs her thoughts on the Below Deck episodes among other things so she has experience writing and we all know she’s all about telling it like it is, so I think the show’s fans will be entertained. Plus, my interest is definitely piqued since Kate is releasing the book right after the Below Deck finale. That is some good timing because I’m sure I’ll be going through Below Deck-induced withdrawals immediately after that last episode.


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