Below Deck’s Kate Chastain Talks Sexual Tension With Ben Robinson, On-Board Drama, And Season 4 Regrets

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Season four of Below Deck has found Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson butting heads of late. Kate claims that it’s not sexual tension (left over from their previous romantic relationship), but simply work tension. It ia just how Ben and Kate operate, apparently!

Kate explains, “There was definitely still tension between Ben and I this season, but it definitely wasn’t sexual. I think the fact that we’re so comfortable with each other can be both a good and a bad thing when working on a boat together. Sometimes minor disagreements escalate into heated arguments quicker than they should because Ben and I don’t feel the need to politely hold back like we might with other crew members.”


In an interview with Starry Mag, Kate shares why she felt the need to play Cupid with Ben and Emily Warburton-Adam – a move that’s backfiring on her a bit now. “I know Ben pretty well and I really did think that Emily was exactly his type. Also, Ben seemed to be getting annoyed with the lack of personal attention I was giving him so I thought maybe Emily would be able to fill that void.”

So, Kate foisted Ben on Emily to improve his work mood? Hmm. Seems highly suspect! Kate reflects, “Seeing Ben show a softer side with Emily was surprising and lovely to watch. This charter season on Valor was definitely one of my favorites.”

Kate also says that she’s happy about her current working relationship with Captain Lee and her stews, who for the most part, aren’t giving her any major headaches. She does admit that she didn’t exactly become friends with them, though, as in past seasons.

Kate explains, “Kat [Held] and Amy [Johnson] were both around the same age as me and both had considerable amount of yachting experience when we worked together. I consider both of those girls close friends to this day and would love to work with either of them again. Sierra [Storm] and Emily on the other hand were a bit more green in their stewardess careers and remarkably younger than myself. It was nice to have two stewardesses who were eager to learn and follow instructions, but I wouldn’t say that a strong friendship was formed in either case and that’s fine, too. I enjoyed working with both of them on Valor and hoped they enjoyed their time on board.”

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Despite views that this season of Below Deck seems more producer-driven (read: fake) than ever before, Kate claims the drama we see on Valor is not manufactured, but all too real. She defends that “a lot of people ask if the show is scripted and I guarantee that is 100% real. The great thing about ‘Below Deck’ is that the working conditions naturally result in drama and there is no need for any outside source to create it.”

Well, the jury is still out on that. The charter guest selection alone has been, for starters, highly unoriginal and desperate.

As far as regrets for season four, Kate has just one: Prioritizing her personal relationship with Ro Hernandez over her job (at times).

Kate confesses, “While I didn’t let my personal life get in the way of my job as Chief Stew, I do wish that I had not given in so much to the demands of my significant other at the time to stay in such constant contact. It really added unnecessary stress to my already stressful life on board and I think it kept me from bonding with my fellow crew members in our downtime. At the time I was just trying to keep the peace so I didn’t return home to anger, but I’ve since learned that significant others should only be supportive rather than temperamental and that sometimes ‘keeping the peace’ is an unhealthy sacrifice.”


Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo