Kenya Moore Talks Throwing A Birthday Party Matt Jordan Didn’t Even Attend

Watching Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan trying to make their relationship work on Real Housewives of Atlanta feels awkward. Initially, I was happy to see the chronically single Kenya booed up with a man, but the way things have progressed makes me very uncomfortable and honestly nervous for Kenya’s well-being. It’s hard to tell what the hell is going on with their relationship at any given moment, but Kenya opened up to Bravo about the most recent episode and Matt’s insecurities.

From an outsider’s point of view, I think Kenya needs to leave this relationship, but I obviously know nothing about its personal details. As Selena Gomez once sang, “the heat wants what it wants,” so I can see why she would try so hard to make their romance work even if it seems like a very stressful ordeal.


Next week’s episode looks pretty wild for the (former?) couple, but this week’s also wasn’t a good look for Matt. I really felt awkward watching Kenya make a cake and throw a birthday party for Matt when he did not even show up. If I was in that position, I would cancel the party.

In an interview with Bravo, Kenya revealed that Matt did not even get a chance to eat that birthday cake, “Sadly, he did not. But I have a real sweet tooth, so I ended up eating half of it myself.” Well, if her boyfriend was going to be such an asshole, it’s good that she had some cake for comfort during hard times.

As uncomfortable as I felt watching that disastrous birthday party, I felt even more ridiculous listening to Kenya explain that she and Matt were having a major issue in their relationship because of Jay Z. Doesn’t that man have enough relationship issues with his highly questionable marriage? Inserting the rapper as an excuse to argue in an already-troubled relationship seemed like a major reach to me.

After talking about her legit career in Hollywood (cue everyone’s collective eye roll), Kenya opened up about the incident, “I have posted ‘Throwback Thursday’ photos of my career, family, and of myself even prior to dating him. There was no disrespect intended as he felt. I’ve never had a romantic relationship with Jay Z as we only worked together once. The photo was on a set and not a personal one like all the others I’ve posted. I initially thought it was silly and tried to ignore it, but he just would not let it go. It was one of the early signs of his insecurities.”

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This really is such a dumb thing to argue about. Nevertheless, I wish that the initial disagreement made its way onto the show. That would’ve been hilarious – no offense.

Obviously, this relationship has some serious overall issues, but the fact that Jay Z is a catalyst for an excuse to fight is just beyond ridiculous. And then there’s that super sad birthday party. I cannot believe Kenya went through with hosting that couples only event when she was the only one there without a significant other. I couldn’t help feeling bad for her when I watched that!

Weirdly enough, Kenya – a woman with an opinion about pretty much everything – did not really have much to say about throwing that birthday party without the birthday person.

Kenya vaguely remarked, “It was hard because it was in his honor and it is something I know he would really love, since we had done it before in the Dominican Republic on New Year’s Eve 2015. I only wanted to make it special for him.” Poor Kenya. Love her or hate her, anyone who watched that episode has to agree that Matt ditching his girlfriend on his birthday is complete and total bull shit. I just hope she is done with this relationship (FOR GOOD) soon.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]