Terra Jole Announces Little Women: LA Season Six Is Filming!

It’s official! Little Women: LA, the flagship show that started the entire Little Women franchise on Lifetime, has begun filming season six. So, take a few cleansing breaths while you can – because more cat fighting, drug accusations, pregnancy news, and of course, vomit inducing Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer] insanity is just around the corner.

LWLA producer and star of the show, Terra Jole, posted the above pic on Instagram, announcing that she was “Back at it with these guys!” referring to the film crew beside her. No word on season six’s premiere date yet, but with LWLA’s history of stacking seasons back to back in dizzying succession, one can assume it’s not too far away.


Season five of the show brought us an unprecedented supply of pregnant castmembers: Briana Renee, Elena Gant, and Terra all gave birth during filming. And Jasmine Sorge became pregnant during season five’s run, setting her up nicely for a birth story of her own in season six. (So, any bets on who will get the next spinoff? Because you just know in your bones these ladies will go full frontal Game Of Thrones on each other for one! #WinterIsComing)

But the real focus this past season was  – what else? – DRAMA. Because these ladies know how to keep a paycheck the petty sh*t turned up at all times! To briefly recap: Almost everyone hates Christy McGinity. Tonya Banks shockingly got the good edit. Terra is the queen bee, and she has the stinger to prove it. And Matt continues to be a dirty bird – minus the ability to tweet.

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So, what’s in store for season six? More of the same, perhaps, as LWLA’s million-plus viewership each week has continually supported. But if Lifetime knows what’s good for them, maybe they’ll consider a cast shakeup, not to mention some new storylines that don’t depend on rehashed drama from one to two years back (please!). In short, it’s time for a reboot. Crossing fingers that the powers that be think so too.

In any case, LWLA continues to be the powerhouse of the Little Women empire, which now includes Little Women: New York, Little Women: Atlanta, and its newest installment, Little Women: Dallas. And spinoffs from the franchise continue to grow – Terra’s Little Family, and even Little Weddings, a new show that premiered Nov 23 on Lifetime, not to mention the horrific, traumatizing Matt & Briana: Ride Or Die special that many of us barely lived through last year are all outgrowths of the series.

Well, despite what comes our way for season six of LWLA, one thing is certain: These ladies may be small in stature, but their ongoing issues with each other are certainly larger than life!


Photo Credit: Instagram