Catching Up With The Below Deck Crew: Where Are They Now?

Since we were royally shafted out of a Below Deck reunion this year, Bravo is throwing us a (very tiny) bone by way of a catch-up blog, highlighting what the crew has been up to since cameras stopped rolling and regrets they have from their days aboard Valor.

A few juicy details are revealed, but maddeningly, Kyle Dixon spills absolutely no beans about his shady shenanigans of late. Thus, we must continue to stalk him on social media for answers. Sigh. #TheTruthIsOutThere

Kate Chastain left the season on a low note with former friend and sometime-lover, Ben Robinson. Since then, though, she admits that she’s seen Ben from time to time – and that he’s had more than one lady friend by his side over the past months! What? Bemily is OVER? Say it ain’t so!


Kate shares, “I speak with Captain Lee [Rosbach] about once a week. I think this season on Valor made Captain Lee and I appreciate each other more than ever, and I truly value his opinion on pretty much everything. And I swear he just gets funnier every time we talk. Ben has come to visit my hometown a few times. He brought a really cool and pretty yacht stew named Lauren in August, so it was great to meet her, and then he even brought Emily with him another time as well. Kyle calls me from time to time. I always enjoy hearing from him.”

Kate, Ben, and Captain Lee were also caught on camera (photo above) at a Genesis House fundraiser in October, with Kate writing on Instagram that “all of my BD cast members that were there.”

Kate, who only regrets spending so much time trying to make Ro happy during charter, also keeps in touch with Kelley Johnson, but jokes, “For some reason Leon [Walker] still won’t return my phone calls though, which is unfortunate.”

With no mention of her pending legal issues, Kate shares that she’s been settling in to life on land again. “I really enjoyed decorating my condo and have adopted a dog who is absolutely perfect, although I may be a little bit biased. In my free time I started working with a local women’s shelter and that has been very rewarding. I also just published a book I started writing in 2008 about all of my experiences working on yachts.”

The absolute grumpiest he’s ever been on any season of Below Deck, Ben claims, “I try not to live my life with regrets. Having said that I suppose there were moments I was not massively proud of, that will always happen. Maybe questioning the psychic was a little overboard, but I wanted to know if Emily [Warburton-Adam] and I had a future, and I seemed to value that more than professionalism. My brother lifting up my shirt to expose my derrière was unfortunate. But as it turns out, I have, admittedly, one of the nicest asses in the free world!”

Mysteriously, Ben also shares that the only people he’s been in real touch with since filming are “Emily and Nico [Sholly] for the most part,” which begs the questions: Is Bemily still happening? Was it a smoke and mirrors publicity stunt meant to boost ratings? Are they dating other people, but still seeing one another? Are there more gigantic funeral bouquets stored in walk in coolers on dry land? WE NEED A REUNION, BRAVO!!!

Working on another boat now, Kelley reflects, “This season I can say I don’t regret anything. I learned a lot and constantly improved throughout the season. I was far from perfect, but everything is a growing process.” He keeps in touch with Captain Lee, and minimally with Kate, Nico, and Lauren Burchnell.

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So, do Nico and Lauren have any regrets? Because they sure as sh*t should! Nico, who’s still working in the yachting industry, admits, “one thing I would have changed would be the night in the master cabin. Typically it’s frowned upon to party in any guest cabins – even with the permission of the chief stew – and the partying went a bit out of control.”

Tragically, Nico lost his younger brother Tristen just weeks ago, so one would assume he is spending time with family these days.

For her part, Lauren delusionally shares, “I have no regrets really. I made the most out of the whole experience, worked hard, said yes to all opportunities and have made some lifelong friends. I’m sure if I was given another chance to do it all again, I would still make the same choices (or mistakes, hah!).” Since filming, Lauren went “back home to Australia to spend some quality time with friends and family. Then after a couple of months moved to Canada and have been road tripping and travelling around since.”

Not tipping her hand about her current dating status with Ben, Emily says that she is “in touch with everyone, some more than others” since filming ended. She does reveal she is still in contact with Ben – albeit on a professional level! “I’ve been keeping very busy. I went to Japan for three weeks, have built a website (, and been studying to be a Health Coach. I’m now working on some projects in the States with Ben.” Hmm. Very interesting.

Kyle, who has been up to some major two-timing and surprise baby making since his days aboard Valor, barely shares more than his name, rank, and serial number in Bravo’s blog. Working on the London docks since the season wrapped, Kyle says his only regret was “that I wasn’t there from the beginning.” Really. Your only regret, Kyle? YOUR ONLY REGRET?!?! <deep breathing>

Finally, Sierra Storm keeps it real, admitting she regrets even being on the show – period! “I regret participating at all. I knew in my heart the program wasn’t a right fit for me…so much drama! But live and learn, right? If I could do it again, I would remember it is only temporary and I have my whole life in front of me.”

Since filming, Sierra has stayed in the yachting industry and keeps in touch with a few of her Valor crew mates. With the exception of Kyle, of course! “I’m cool with everyone,” shares Sierra. “Ems, Lauren, Nico, and Ben have my heart forever.”


Photo Credit: Instagram