Bethenny Frankel Loves Carole Radziwill So Much, She Would Leave RHONY Before She Leaves Carole

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 13: Carole Radziwill (L) and Bethenny Frankel attend Us Weekly's Most Stylish New Yorkers 2016 at Vandal on September 13, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Us Weekly )

The best friendship between Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill came out of nowhere and now I feel like it’s omnipresent. The clinginess loyalty has been a source of annoyance for most of the Real Housewives of New York cast members over the past couple seasons, but the two of them don’t seem to care. In fact, Bethenny prioritizes their BFF status over being on the show.

Damn. That’s a lot to say. Sure, Bethenny is a great businesswoman and all that, but the show really ups her profile and keeps her products visible. And to be honest, Carole has not been a major part of the show for a while. She has had basically no story line other than her pets, so I wouldn’t be shocked if she got the boot at some point in the near future. I wonder what Bethenny would do if Carole left RHONY. I mean Carole really doesn’t seem at all amused hanging out with these women.


Bethenny does not share much of her personal life these days, but the one thing that she will gush about – aside from the many products that she promotes – is her friendship with Carole. In an interview with The Daily Dish, Bethenny explained just how much Carole means to her when she admitted, “Carole’s amazing. I would leave the show before I would leave Carole.” Those are some strong words to have on the record, but that’s some fierce loyalty – something that is sadly rare in most of these reality TV “friendships,” which are usually just contractual obligations to hang out.

Bethenny said something that I – and most other viewers – would ever say: “Carole is the best thing of the entire show for me.” It’s nice that Bethenny has a good friend on the show – don’t get me wrong – but I am so bored by Carole. I feel like, she has to be different in a one-on-one setting than she is in front of the reality TV cameras. Or at least I hope so.

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About the event where Bravo caught up with the RHONY stars, Bethenny said, “She’s my real friend. We definitely get into it. We are different personalities. The fact that Carole woke up and came here at 7 o’clock [in the morning] and was here before me, I think, that’s like a lunar eclipse. That would be like me keeping my mouth shut for a half an hour. Carole getting up at 7 in the morning is like me being quiet for a half an hour.”

With my joking aside about Carole‘s boring presence on the show, she really does seem like a ride or die friend to Bethenny. Good for them both. Loyal friends are hard to find. Selfishly, I just wish it was more exciting on the show.


[Photo Credit: D Dipasupil/Getty Images]