Kristen Taekman Thinks She’s A Relationship Role Model Since Her Husband Was An Ashley Madison Member

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Sure, I “liked” Kristen Taekman when she was a Real Housewives of New York cast member, but if I’m keeping it real she added nothing to that show. That’s not necessarily an insult since most of the people who make good reality characters aren’t people you would actually want to spend time with in real life since they have an affinity for shit stirring. Nevertheless, I really did want her to stay on the show after her husband Josh Taekaman’s membership on Ashley Madison (a dating service for people who are married) became public. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for Kristen) that did not happen and now the former RHONY star thinks she’s a relationship role model.

Wait. What? I don’t know what qualifies her (or anyone else) to be a relationship role model, let alone declare that. I do think it was good how she kept things private after the hack for the sake of her family, but I have no idea if she was really “keeping her private life private,” or if people just didn’t care since she wasn’t on reality TV anymore. But anyway, Kristen is opening up about it now.


I could never even imagine being married to someone who went on a dating website that sets up extramarital affairs. Plus, the Ashley Madison hack was very public so that had to make things even harder for Kristen and Josh. Aside from me wishing this was worked out as a RHONY plot line, the fandom got no closure on this scandal.

Now, Kristen is talking about it in an interview with Page Six. Keep in mind that this is the same person whose tagline was “I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m pretty,” so don’t expect any truly enlightening revelations. Kristen actually said, “I do feel like a role model for other women when it comes to my husband and what we went though.” I’m sure she handled the situation well, but how would any of us know since she’s only talking about it a handful of years later and she really isn’t a public figure anymore? That was a pretty lofty statement if you ask me.

Kristen also claimed, “I never questioned my swagger. The problem was not me at all.” Well, obviously: Kristen wasn’t the one scrolling through people’s profiles looking for a potential side piece. She added, “There was never one time that I questioned my looks.” Well, duh. Kristen is stunning. I couldn’t picture her or anyone with eyes ever questioning her personal appearance.

Kristen adamantly declared, “I know my own truth, and I am very confident in my relationship. People can believe what ever they want. I am a very strong and confident woman in my relationship, my man and my love, and that is all that matters.” That sounds valid. It’s good that she’s not blaming herself for her husband’s poor behavior. If only other Housewives could follow suit- cough cough Luann de Lesseps.

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In reference to RHONY, Kristen said, “That drama was not on the show, so we have moved past that. Things are good.” Ugh. I really do wish that drama was on the show, but I know that’s selfish of me. I feel like Kristen did make some good points in that interview, but I feel like referring to yourself as a role model can come off as a pretty self-important thing to do.

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