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It seems like the drama between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis will never stop. Thomas posted (and deleted) a rant about Kathryn letting fame get to her (pot, meet kettle) and Kathryn’s former BFF Jennifer Snowden opened up about how Kathryn turned against her.

If you watch Southern Charm, this isn’t surprising. It seems like two people in this trifecta are upset at the remaining member at any given time, so now it’s just Kathryn’s turn to be the odd one out and I’m sure that will change at the drop of a hat. In the mean time, Thomas and Jennifer are coming at Kathryn – hard.


Although Thomas deleted his Instagram post about Kathryn, I had a feeling he was going to do that, so being the self-appointed snoop that I am, I took a screen shot just in time.


I have no idea what prompted Thomas to put this up (and I hope we get to see this play out on the next Southern Charm season), but the post was just really odd and sad. He posted a photo of Kathryn in the hospital for the birth of their child holding two thumbs up. Kathryn looked happy, but the caption was the weird part.

Thomas wrote, “The spring of 2014 everything was thumbs up. Bravo cameras arrived in July and everything went downhill fast. Sad.” What a standard move: blaming the reality TV cameras.

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Thomas added, “It’s an American tragedy and I’m not being dramatic in the least, just painfully honest what the price of fame can do. Can you put a cost on the demise of a family?” No, you can’t “put a cost on the demise of a family,” but it probably isn’t the best move to put family business on blast with your very public Instagram account.

As expected, people commented on the post and tore into Thomas. Thomas actually responded to defend himself and I have a feeling that it got out of hand and that’s why he ended up deleting the post.


Thomas wrote back to one Instagram user saying, “I didn’t blame it on Bravo. I think we both just fell victim to the lure of fame. I take full responsibility as I’m sure plenty of people in this situation do. That’s why I called it an ‘American Tragedy.'” I don’t feel like this is an “American Tragedy,” since most of us aren’t on reality TV, but at the very least he took responsibility for getting caught up with fame himself….after the initial post, but still.

He went on to say that they probably wouldn’t have broken up if they weren’t in the public eye: “Without Bravo together with the Senate campaign pressures I doubt we’d have split after season 2. I posted that pic of KD not bc she looks glamorous but bc to me it the one vision I have of her completely happy. And that made me feel the exact same way.”

Cameras or not, both those these people seem to be extremely dramatic, so I don’t know if they would be peacefully together, but obviously these are all hypothetical circumstances.

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One thing that is not at all hypothetical is Kathryn’s former enemy turned BFF Jennifer turning back into an enemy and selling Kathryn out for being a shitty friend. In a not so shocking move, Jennifer said that Kathryn ignored all of messages and calls in addition to shit talking on social media.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Jennifer revealed that it all stems back to the last Southern Charm reunion where Jennifer spoke about her difficult pregnancy. Jennifer revealed how petty Kathryn really is: “I got emotional and Thomas handed me a handkerchief. I accepted it and Kathryn saw that as me showing allegiance to him and not her when what would have been nice would have been for her to reach out and hug me.”

Categorizing Kathryn as “self involved” would be the understatement of the century.

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Jennifer also believed that Kathryn used her as a scapegoat by claiming that Jennifer was the one who told Kathryn about Thomas being with other women to stir up drama. Jennifer claimed that Kathryn “was seeking a reaction from him in so many ways and telling him I had said things that just weren’t the case.” That is NOT AT ALL SURPRISING. Kathryn’s thirst is too real.

Jennifer also said that Kathryn didn’t reach out to her at all when her son Ascher was born and that was offensive, especially since we all remember how entitled Kathryn acted when she was pregnant last season. Jennifer remarked, “[Kathryn] demanded everybody treat her with kid gloves during her own pregnancy. She demands a level of respect that she doesn’t give another person on the planet and I just got to the point where it was enough.”

As a viewer, I love watching Kathryn on Southern Charm, but she seems like an extremely exhausting friend to have. I have no idea why Jennifer would even be friends with Kathryn after Kathryn mercilessly slut shamed her and accused her of having an affair with Thomas – color me crazy, but that just doesn’t seem like the best foundation for best friendship.


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