Chris And Jacqueline Laurita Bankruptcy Update: Accused Of Not Paying Attorneys From Signature Apparel Case

A Chris and Jacqueline Laurita bankruptcy update is finally here! The couple has been battling a legal case related to their former company Signature Apparel. The latest in the very long and convoluted legal situation is that the Real Housewives Of New Jersey stars are accused of owing their attorneys $290,000!

As a brief recap, in 2009 Signature Apparel filed for a corporate bankruptcy. The trustee, Anthony Labrosciano, contested it claiming they bled a profitable company’s accounts dry to live a lavish lifestyle, then filed for bankruptcy. Mr. Labrosciano filed a suit on behalf of the courts against Chris, Jacqueline, two of Chris’s brothers Anthony and Joseph Laurita, plus Joseph’s wife Adeline. 


In 2014 Joseph and Adeline settled their portion for $1 million, but the case against Jacqueline, Chris, and Anthony continues, getting messier every time we hear about it! Adding to the confusion, there are also several subsequent cases related to the Signature Apparel bankruptcy against the Lauritas, which were not filed by the Mr. Labrosciano. 

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I’m no attorney, so here’s couple quotes from the story on, and you can refer to the original for additional details.

The Lauritas owe $290,000 in unpaid legal fees to the firm Seidman & Pincus, which has been representing them since 2014 when their previous lawyer “withdrew from the case.” In late 2016, Seidman & Pincus also filed a motion to withdraw alleging “completely unsuccessful” attempts in collecting payments from the couple.

What’s confusing is that Seidman & Pincus ONLY filed the motion to withdraw related to representing the Lauritas against Anthony Labrosciano‘s charges. The law firm said they will continue to represent Jacqueline and Chris “in another complex but largely completed proceeding in which a subsidiary of the major brand management company Iconix Brand is accused of helping the Lauritas divert some of Signature Apparel’s assets. That has already gone to trial and is awaiting a ruling from the judge.”

Attorneys for Mr. Labrosciano do not object to Seidman & Pincus’s withdraw, but seem to label it as a continued effort by the Lauritas to delay proceedings. They also accuse the Lauritas of “pleading poverty as a stall tactic to ‘delay, disadvantage or thwart their creditors.'” They cite “publicly available information, including in social media posts in which the Lauritas boast about remodeling their home and undergoing plastic surgery, and in television programs in which the Lauritas claim to be operating a profitable business.”

I believe Mr. Labrosciano‘s attorneys are referring to BLK Water and The Little Kernel Popcorn, which Jacqueline and Chris were seen launching and operating on this season’s Real Housewives Of New Jersey, where they also discussed their financial woes as being in the past. Jacqueline also continually attempted to call-out Teresa Giudice for filing a fraudulent bankruptcy while insisting there were no legal cases against herself or Chris.

The judge is set to hear the withdraw motion via phone today.

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In addition to the unpaid legal fees, and the outstanding bankruptcy, Jacqueline and Chris reportedly “still face two tax liens filed in 2013: $338,337 from the state and $85,127 from the federal government.”

All very interesting and confusing stuff! Hopefully we’ll see a resolution someday.


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