Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Day 28 – Live Eviction

It is Day 28 on Celebrity Big Brother, and we are bracing ourselves for another live eviction. The vote is for the winner, so the person with the least votes will be out, just before the final.

Calum Best is in the diary room venting about Jedward. Apparently, Edward tends to do the one liners, where John gets really angry and disrespectful. To be fair, that is the only way I can tell them apart; I have slightly more toleration to Edward – he can speak a couple of words more than his brother before my stomach goes. Only a couple mind you.


Celebrity Big Brother

James Cosmo and Kim Woodburn are given a secret task. Although they are unaware they have both been given the same task. They are told to be irksome, annoying, and cause as many arguments as possible. Like Jedward.

James sneaks in the bedroom and plants a chocolate bar in Jedward’s part of the cupboard. He ends up with Bianca and Nicola looking for chocolate whilst he ‘finds’ it in their locker. They are looking bewildered, and James throws it on the table towards Kim as he walks off outside. He mutters quietly, “Now wait for the fireworks now Big Brother,” having picked his targets well.

James leaves Kim calling the boys twerps, whilst he laughs in the garden. Despite Kim’s best efforts, it ends up with the majority of the housemates laughing hysterically.  Not quite the intention, but disruptive enough for Big Brother to grant a party with James and Kim’s favorite things.

Celebrity Big Brother

James ends up in the diary room, and I swear, he’s had the best day ever. He’s loved it. I think it made his experience, bless his little cotton socks.

Back to Jedward, they’re singing in the bathroom again. Singing. Avoid. Calum on the other hand is opening up about his dad and his alcohol dependency with Coleen and James C. I have to appreciate his honesty.

Nicola, Bianca, and Kim are talking, and Kim is summoned to the diary room. She goes in, and Nicola comments that she doesn’t know if she’s being real. Kim is in the diary room, saying how fake they all are. Without realizing the irony. Bless ‘em.

Celebrity Big Brother

This brings us to the eviction. It’s a short show, with Jamie O’Hara‘s interview at the start and the latest evictee at the end. And it’s Calum that’s the unlucky one not making the final.

So, we’re nearly there, and we have our finalists. What havoc can Big Brother bring…looks like we’ll find out soon.


Photo Credit: Channel 5