Tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 continues to show the nitty gritty of what’s going down in Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s ugly divorce battle. Are all those past cryptic tweets and social media updates from them starting to make sense now? Definitely. Jenelle Evans has her own date in court, as her long awaited custody hearing for Jace gets under way with a deposition. Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer get their gender confirmation, while Leah Messer deals with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert moving on. Let’s start with them, shall we?

It’s before 6 AM and Leah is trying desperately to get her kids to the bus stop on time. Before I get back to how fun it is to play “Will They or Won’t They?” Bus Stop Edition, now would be a great time to address some previous rumors in the media (just hear me out, ok?) that Leah is pregnant again. While Leah has come out on the record to say, “gee where do people even get this stuff?” I will tell you where: FROM THE SONOGRAM PICS HANGING ON YOUR FRIDGE. Did anyone else catch that? As Leah rushes out of the kitchen to get the girls to school, there are two unmistakable rolls of sonogram pictures hung up on her fridge. That’s right, people, rewind your DVRs if you didn’t catch it. This one is going to be tough to explain….


Addie is with Jeremy’s family for the week while Jeremy goes on vacation with his girlfriend. Leah’s friend’s come over to hear Leah complain about how terrible Jeremy is for not picking up Addie on time and blames her anxiety on him. Her friends nod in agreement, furthering Leah’s belief that she is a victim in all of this.


A week goes by and Leah is thrilled to pick up Addie from Jeremy, who wastes no time telling Leah he’s engaged now. Leah plays it cool for a second and then abandons that plan to tell him how irrational he is and how their marriage was the biggest mistake of her life. Once she’s in the car with her friend, she brags about not giving him any reaction. Sigh, I wish I could live a life that devoid of reality, especially when it comes to interpreting uncomfortable situations that JUST happened five minutes ago. While Leah continues to pat herself on the back about what a great job she has done, Addie screams in the back about everything from wanting lipstick at Wal-Mart, to getting a boyfriend. Now we see that lack of reaction Leah was talking about as she completely ignores the rantings of a toddler.

Chelsea and Cole are off to get gender confirmation at their sonogram and as they chatter in the car about how crazy it is to create a baby (agreed), I can’t help but feel their excitement, even though we all already know it’s a boy. Once they are done, Chelsea and Cole meet the producers in the parking lot and Cole announces his big news by whooping, “he’s got a weiner!” and showing off the potty shot of the sonogram. As soon as they get home, they show Aubree and she is adorably excited for her little brother.


Later, Chelsea finds out that a warrant was issued for Adam’s arrest for not paying child support to either her or Taylor. To get her mind off things, she goes shopping with her friend for baby boy clothes and talks about her excitement in getting married soon. She’s going to take Cole’s last name, even though her friend can’t even figure out how to pronounce it. Side note: it’s not that hard.

Jenelle has a friend come over (Jenelle has friends?) to check out her latest sonogram pictures and discuss Jenelle’s upcoming custody hearing for Jace. Kaiser is completely on his own, entertaining himself in a play pen stuffed with toys and a drum set while Jenelle drones on about how she hopes this whole thing doesn’t get nasty, like it hasn’t already.

When she does come out of her deposition, Jenelle’s lawyer discusses what just happened and what they really need to address when it comes to custody: Barb’s concerns about Jenelle’s relationship with David Eason and her financial stability moving forward. Jenelle zones out and makes a case for herself in the court of public opinion, citing that she has been in and out of this courthouse her whole life and all the judges know her and have seen her grow up. That would sound really lovely if maybe she was a Judge’s daughter but Jenelle’s lawyer gently steers her away from the idea of being proud that a courthouse is her home away from home.

Jenelle calls David on the ride home to tell him what happened and I will spare you the details and tell you that it’s basically some equally out of touch interpretation of what Jenelle thinks qualifies her to be a good mom.

Over at Barb’s house, the producer chats with her about how she thinks it went and Barb expresses her real concern, which is Jenelle’s long term stability. Jenelle went to school and doesn’t even use her degree so Barb feels like once Teen Mom 2 goes away, Jenelle won’t be able to pay for her “big fancy house” and “life of luxury”. The producer points out that Barb previously stated Jenelle just needs to go to school and get off drugs to get Jace back and Barb back pedals, saying Jenelle needs to get her life together and she’s not there yet. She then gets emotional about the idea of losing Jace.


Kail is trying to iron out proposed custody with Javi and has agreed to his 50/50 request. In a rare showing of being a decent human being, she drops both Isaac and Lincoln off at his house the night before they go to mediation. But her good spirit doesn’t last because when Kail mentions she was taking care of the boys all by her lonesome while Javi was away, he pops her mother martyr bubble by pointing out they were at either school or camp all day. Kail will hear none of this and stomps out as producer J.C. is tasked with going back in to Javi’s to get his side. Javi’s only excuse is that they just don’t get along, but he does feel bad and decides to call her and apologize (insincerely, if you ask me). J.C. says Javi seems upset but it looks to me like Javi just wants to watch football and lay on his couch.

After the mediation appointment, Kail and Javi need to decide on holidays before signing anything so they head to lunch to figure it out. Before they even get to order, Kail is already antagonizing Javi over the fit of his shirt and it quickly escalates AGAIN. They argue over where Lincoln gets to spend Christmas and spirals into what happens when Kail gets a boyfriend. Kail immediately storms out, angry at Javi’s “low blows”. As she loudly complains in the parking lot, cameras and Javi follow to catch the drama. They go back and forth until Javi lays his biggest card on the table to use against Kail: that she slept with someone else while he was gone and when he came home, someone else was already in his house. Not surprisingly, Kail refuses to address this and defends herself by saying Javi wasn’t supportive during her miscarriage. Javi tries to keep her from speeding off but Kail has had enough, slams her car door and knocks the camera off her dash so she can cool down in peace.

So much for a resolution.


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