Kaitlyn Bristowe Is Livid That Ex Nick Viall Will Be On Dancing With The Stars After She Wasn’t Allowed To Be

It seemed all good in the hood when former Bachelorette leads Kaitlyn Bristowe and Andi Dorfman joined their mutual runner-up Nick Viall during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel to promote Nick’s season of The Bachelor. The thought of this made me feel awkward given Kaitlyn and Nick’s history, but also because of Kaitlyn’s rocky history with the Bachelor franchise. Kaitlyn infamously spoiled her own Bachelorette season when she accidentally posted a photo with her in bed with her winner/fiance Shawn Booth. So I was pretty surprised when she was back in the fold promoting The Bachelor. Well, that was short-lived since Kaitlyn ranted on Twitter about Nick getting the opportunity to be on Dancing With the Stars.

The last lead from the franchise to appear on DWTS was Chris Soules and many people credit the demise of his Bachelor engagement with Whitney Bischoff to being on Dancing With the Stars. And many past Bachelor leads have warned their successors from following in their foot steps since the show is rough for a new relationship. So it wasn’t super surprising when the last three series leads did not go on to the ballroom. Well, apparently there’s more to that.

Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss kept teasing the fans on Twitter about a “historic” announcement and it turned out that it was actually just a confirmation that Nick will be competing on DWTS. No one really thought anything of that since I feel like we are all worn out from seeing Nick on reality TV at this point, but his ex Kaitlyn was definitely feeling some type of way about it.

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Kaitlyn tweeted, “Someone stop me from going on a twitter rant right now,” which is obviously the opposite of actually ended up happening.

It looks like Kaitlyn is (most likely) not going to get an ABC-sponsored wedding after she posted about Mike Fleiss on Twitter. Whitney Bischoff tweeted in response to the Nick casting announcement: “@people why does a bachelorette never get this gig @BachelorABC?!? I wanted to see @kaitlynbristowe shake her tail feather!” This obviously got Kaitlyn riled up since she quoted Whitney’s tweet and added,  “Actually I was offered it, had the contract & Mike Fliess told me I wasn’t allowed. He said he didn’t want people wanting fame after his show.” Really, all of the former contestants are professional Instagram posters. Why not keep the fame going? This makes no sense to me. Plus Kaitlyn actually had dance experience before reality TV so she probably would have been fun to watch.

Among other tweets that got deleted, Kaitlyn also mocked Fleiss’s constant “historical announcement” teasers when she posted, “Just had a historical spin class. That’s how you use that word right?” She didn’t “@” him, but she might as well have. It was so obvious who that one was aimed at.

Instead of responding to Kaitlyn, Fleiss confirmed what we already knew: “I am happy to announce that @viallnicholas28 will be doing some dancing in the near future!!! If you’re wondering why this announcement was historic, just wait til you see  dance!!! #thelittlekicks.” Debatable shade at the moment, but after reading his subsequent tweets, it’s actually super clear that shots were fired.

The producer mocked Kaitlyn’s tweet when he wrote, “When you can’t spell someone’s name correctly, that usually doesn’t help.

Fleiss attempted to defend himself against implications of sexism for “allowing” Bachelor leads to compete on DWTS and not Bachelorette leads when he tweeted about Melissa Rycroft who competed on the show twice, “Melissa R has a mirror ball. So quickly they forget!

What they should really do is just hire another professional dancer, pair him up with Kaitlyn and have her as a last minute addition for the next Dancing With the Stars season. It will make everyone look better in the public eye and they will all feel better about the situation. Plus it will obviously bring more publicity both to the Bachelor franchise and DWTS. It would make great television to see two exes dancing against each other. Could you imagine Nick trying to dance with Shawn Booth rooting for Kaitlyn in the audience? Me either. And that’s why it needs to happen.

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