If last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 left you with a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to ongoing divorce and custody battles, tonight’s episode won’t do much better. Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s issues are only escalating and now Kail is dragging Jo into the mix. Jenelle Evans can’t let go of her recent mediation with mom Barb for custody of Jace and takes it out on her every chance she gets. But it’s not all drama tonight – Leah Messer considers beauty school while Chelsea Houska gets a stunt baby to prepare Cole DeBoer for what’s to come.

Since the last few episodes have been revolving around Kail and her drama, let’s just start there. For all you Kail fans out there (all three of you), you won’t like what I have to say but hey, I’m just working with the material I’m given here. Kail spins a harrowing tale of the night before, where Javi showed up, poof, out of the blue, enraged and “like a psycho”. He broke in to (his own house) by coming in the basement door, pulled out drawers and overall, wrecked havoc on poor Kail who was probably doing something incredibly humble and pure, like knitting a blanket for the poor or reading her bible. A terrified Kail had to call both the police and Jo for help.


While I have no doubt that there are three sides to every story – her side, his side and the truth, Javi has a much different account, one where it was really no big deal. He says they were supposed to meet at their designated drop off place for the kids (Chipotle, good choice) and when he was stuck in traffic and running a few minutes late, Kail left with the kids. Here’s where his story does get a little fuzzy. He says he went back to the house, presumably to get the kids, but claims her car wasn’t there so he assumed he should just jump the fence, bust in through the basement and then ransack the house. Why he would need to go into the house if he thought she wasn’t there makes no sense but what is the point of me thinking too hard on this? It’s a divorce, tensions run high and they are both behaving like idiots.

Kail goes over to Jo and Vee’s house to talk more about what happened and Jo is upset that Isaac was there when Javi went on his Chipotle fueled rampage of Kail’s house. Vee sticks up for Javi, saying he’s heartbroken and shouldn’t be painted as a scary guy because they know he’s not really like that. Jo dismisses her immediately and Kail seizes her opportunity to manipulate the situation even more by suggesting Jo shouldn’t let Javi see Isaac if he’s going to behave this way. When Kail leaves, Vee muses out loud that this is karma for what Kail did to them. Jo gets annoyed and says it has nothing to do with them but jeez, let Vee and her amazing hair have an opinion already!

Days later, Kail is supposed to pick up Lincoln and Javi is now refusing. He’s saying something about taking Lincoln to a haircut, I don’t know I tuned out because this low level squabbling is getting tiring. They fight some more and Javi is mad that Kail is ruining the relationship he worked hard for with Jo. Kail speeds off when she doesn’t get her way.


Chelsea and Cole are taking pictures so they can post the gender reveal to social media and naturally, it involves lots of antlers and plaid flannel. They can’t decide which picture to post but eventually, they do and whew, crisis averted!

Chelsea decides that since Cole hasn’t had much practice with babies, she’s going to get one of those fake ones used in Home Ec class so he can practice. A few days later, it arrives on her doorstep in a box and when they open it up, Aubree pulls it out by the head. Not long after they pull it out, Fake Baby lets out some really weird honk, almost like a car horn, which means it’s ready for use. I hope Cole doesn’t start thinking this is what real babies sound like.

The next night, Aubree goes to bed and while Cole starts working on something in the kitchen, Fake Baby starts wailing and it sounds like the devil himself! Chelsea and Cole rush around trying to figure out what to do with it until it finally stops making noise. I would have thrown that thing out the window but they are committed and two hours later when it makes the devil sound again, Cole dutifully rocks Satan, I mean, Fake Baby to sleep. At least they seem to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.


Leah decides she’s bored during the day and wants to show Addie how important education is sooooooo, she’s going to school! As they head over to her meeting with the school, Leah promises Addie donuts if she behaves while she is there. Addie screams she wants lipstick and also has to pee. Once they arrive, Leah sits down with the owner, who looks exactly like you would expect a beauty school owner to look like. While Leah takes notes, the owner explains it’s going to be about a year’s worth of classes and it’s also weekends too, which would cut into Leah’s time with the girls. Leah leaves looking less interested in the importance of education.

At the park with the girls later, she contemplates if she should go back to school and goes on to have a whole adult conversation with her kids about her future, even though they are too young to understand what the hell mommy is talking about.


Jenelle is having a bad/life day. She hasn’t talked to Barb since the deposition for custody of Jace and the tension is mounting. She knows Barb is coming over to drop off Jace and she wants to remain civil but doesn’t really want to deal with her at all. When Jace comes in, Jenelle barely even greets him and stays glued to the couch. Later that day, while Jace plays more video games and mommy ignores him to talk more smack on his grandmom, Jenelle fills David Eason in on her feelings of anger towards Barb. David insists Jace “acts better” when he is with them and that’s reason enough for Jenelle to have custody. Jenelle says she is going to but Barb off for good if she doesn’t get Jace back this time.

Later, as Jenelle shuffles around the house wrapped in a blanket, she tries to figure out how to coordinate dropping off both Kaiser and Jace between Nathan Griffith and Barb. While on the phone trying to figure it out, Barb misunderstands what Jenelle wants to do and Jenelle immediately starts screaming at her, while Jace sits there looking uncomfortable and sad.

Nathan agrees to meet Jenelle in the same place where Barb will be so they can all do a drop off of kids in the same place, and Jenelle can hopefully calm her raging pregnancy hormones/nasty attitude by then. When Barb picks up Jace, Jenelle doesn’t even get out of the car and David explains it’s because she’s working on a lot of “important emails”. David plays nice for a few minutes, talking to Barb about Jace’s popcorn fundraiser, but Jenelle is having none of it and calls him from the call to yell at him for giving her camera time. Barb comes over to confront Jenelle and talk more popcorn but Jenelle demands they stop filming and rips down the dashboard camera.

The producers talk to Barb, who can’t seem to understand what the problem is and starts crying. She says how much she has sacrificed to raise Jace and he pops out of the car to comfort her, which is really sweet and sad all at the same time. Barb insists she’s done with this all but I think we all know this is far from over.


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