Nick Viall & William Shatner Make Up After After Their Twitter Feud

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I still don’t quite get why William Shatner has so much animosity toward Nick Viall, but apparently he is a very avid viewer of the Bachelor franchise- which is something I understand. Still, I think he might have me beat when it comes to investing in a reality TV show. William was really going in with his Twitter campaign to get Nick booted from Dancing With the Stars.

He encouraged the fans to vote for “anybody but Nick” in a pretty excessive manner. And I’m pretty sure it was all based on what he watched from Nick’s appearances on reality TV- not anything that actually went down between the two of them. The whole thing just seemed very off-base and out of nowhere to me.


As an avid Bachelor viewer, I am well-aware that Nick is a polarizing person in the franchise, but I feel like William Shatner’s campaign probably got more people to support Nick than to go against him. A lot of people couldn’t figure out the rationale behind Shatner’s excessive tweets and he was even accused of “bullying.”

In all honesty, it just drummed up more attention for Nick and I bet that his fans made an extra effort to support him if anything. It seems like this weird feud is behind us now.

Dancing With the Stars host, and friend of William Shatner, Tom Bergeron made an attempt to broker peace between Shatner, Nick, and Nick’s dance partner Peta Murgatroyd. Tom tweeted, “Hey, @viallnicholas28 & @PetaMurgatroyd! I just stopped by @WilliamShatner’s office on my way to @DancingABC. Peace is at hand!”

Shatner quoted Tom’s tweet and admitted, “Saw Nick Viall dance. He can really dance. I hope he’s as good a lover.” That last part was awkward and unnecessary, but this whole thing was awkward and unnecessary so I’m not really surprised.

Shatner tweeted, “Hey @viallnicholas28 Will you accept this [peace sign emoji] [rose emoji]? As a Dad w/ daughters I’m not happy w/ what you’ve done in the past Maybe you’ve matured now?” As strange as this vendetta against Nick was, I do think it was hilarious that William Shatner is so invested in the Bachelor franchise.

The Bachelor star accepted that peace offering and even tweeted, “Always been a fan on this end Captain!! Happy Belated Birthday.”

Nick and Peta talked about the “feud” in an interview with Extra. Nick admitted, “It was heartbreaking because I am his biggest fan. Who doesn’t like Captain Kirk? Also a big ’ T.J. Hooker’ fan — that’s some of his best work. It’s heartbreaking, to be honest. The show must go on. We’re gonna do our best, and it’s up to William to come around or not.” Peta even said, “I’m gonna make him love you by the end of this for sure.” I’m calling it right now that William Shatner will be in the audience at DWTS cheering for Nick and Peta.

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[Photo Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin]