Exclusive: Kathryn Dennis Shares Her Thoughts On ‘Southern Charm Savannah’

The original Southern Charm premiered this week, but next month, fans will have another bit of sweet tea to enjoy with Southern Charm Savannah. And who is better to give fans a bit of the inside scoop than Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis, who recently had the chance to meet with some of the Savannah cast on a trip down south.

Kathryn explained that she went down to Savannah and met up with Southern Charm Savannah‘s Ashley Borders and W. Nelson Lewis Jr. and had a great time. While most of the original Southern Charm cast met just prior to the Bravo show’s launch four seasons ago, Kathryn explains that the Southern Charm Savannah cast have been friends since way back.

“The Southern Charm Savannah cast have all been friends since they were kids,” Dennis explains. “And so they all really know each other inside and out.”


But Kathryn explains that she bonded with Ashley because she thinks that she will be the “free spirit of Southern Charm Savannah.”

“Like me, Ashley has a child, and that is her priority,” Kathryn explains. “She is a free spirit, and does her own thing, and sees things from a unique perspective.”

While Ashley was born and raised in Savannah, she has traveled the world, lived abroad, and is a successful fashion designer with an artsy spirit. She returned to Savannah to raise her son, Izzy, in a manner similar to the way she was raised.

Instagram, Kathryn and Ashley

Instagram, Kathryn and Ashley

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While W. Nelson Lewis Jr. has currently been cast as a “friend” of Southern Charm Savannah, Kathryn thinks he will bring a lot to the cast, and also be one of the break-out stars.

“And then there is Nelson,” says Kathryn. “Nelson is so funny, and talks really fast. I am so glad that I got a chance to meet them before the show airs, and hope to make another trip down to Savannah soon.”

And Kathryn Dennis might be right about Nelson, because according to the Bravo blog’s first glance video of Southern Charm Savannah, Nelson is back in Savannah looking to redeem himself after some wild behavior up in Washington, D.C. (rumor has it that he was caught impersonating a Savannah politician, and filed a false police report, and that’s just for starters).

Instagram, Nelson & Kathryn

Instagram, Nelson & Kathryn

And Kathryn Dennis says that even though other Southern Charm cast members have called Savannah the “ugly stepchild of Charleston,” she thinks it will draw fans in quickly.

“The dynamic is different, because the main cast is all about the same age, and they don’t just know each other, but they know each other’s families,” says Kathryn. “Fans of our series might originally check in because they are curious, but I think they’ll stick around because the Savannah cast has something unique to offer.”


Top Photo Credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo