Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Thinks Gizelle Bryant Has A Clinical Form Of Narcissism

So far the only entertaining story line from the second season of Real Housewives of Potomac is the feud between Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and Gizelle Bryant. Based on the trailer for the season, it looks like Karen Huger has a questionable financial situation, which is a textbook Real Housewives story line that always works, but we didn’t get to that part yet.

Right now we have some awful insults flying back and forth between Gizelle and Charrisse every episode. It’s even trickling down to the new girl Monique Samuels that Charrisse introduced to the group. Obviously, Gizelle was never going to give her a chance.


Charrisse dished on the second episode of the season in her last Bravo blog. With all of the drama coming her way, at least she was able to bring Monique onto the show to have an ally a friend on her side. Unfortunately, she got some second hand embarrassment after the other ladies were less than welcoming to Monique.

Charrisse wrote, “I was expecting the ladies to be a bit reserved with Monique, but I was a little taken aback by the lack of warmth given. Why are folks acting as though we are some secret society and folks have to pass a certain requirement to even break bread with us?” Honestly. Aside from it being rude in general, it’s not as if these women are on an established Housewives show. Potomac is basically the redheaded step child of this franchise. They need to slow their roll.

I’m not shocked that Gizelle was rude. That is very standard at this point.

Charrisse explained, “I knew Gizelle wasn’t going to care for her, because she has the lifestyle that can be quite intimidating for Gizelle.” It seems like Monique is the only one who is not fronting about her wealth on this show. Gizelle has no idea what she got herself into.

Obviously what Gizelle did to Charrisse was way worse than the things Charrisse said about her, but slut-shaming is never acceptable. Charrisse wrote that she regrets comparing Gizelle to Monica Lewinsky, but it’s not for the reason you may think. She actually apologized to Monica: “Looking back at the Lewinsky comment, I do regret saying that. That was truly a low blow and I should not have allowed my anger to stoop to that level. I REALLY wish I hadn’t said that. Monica is probably a nice woman – and I should not have compared her to Gizelle.” Savage.

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Just like the viewers, Charrisse did not buy that “apology.” “Being that Gizelle is Queen of not taking ownership of her actions, I honestly didn’t find her apology as sincere.” Obviously she just did that in front of the rest of the cast to make herself look good.

The barrage of insults continued: “In my heart I feel that she has a clinical form of narcissism. She can’t see outside of herself. Unfortunately, she doesn’t care who she hurts in the process because she is so desperate for attention. I find people like Gizelle quite sad and I truly feel sorry for her. Note to self….add Gizelle to prayer list.”

Based on the previews for the season, Karen will eventually get what’s coming to her, but for now it looks like she’s sticking to her role as a wannabe puppet master in this cast. She was trying to stir shit up by calling out Robyn Dixon in front of everyone and it was just so desperate.

Charrisse asserted, “Karen bringing up her conversation with Robyn and turning into Robyn having two faces is absurd. Robyn has the right to disagree with the actions of her friend when the friend is clearly wrong. A true friend tells you when your wrong and Robyn did just that.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]