Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Compares Ashley Darby To A Messy Teenager

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC -- Season:1 -- Pictured: Charrisse Jackson-Jordan -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Real Housewives of Potomac star Charrisse Jackson-Jordan was irked with co-star Ashley Darby on last week’s episode. Ashley was a little too enthusiastic about her desire to meet Charrisse’s ex-husband Eddie and Charrisse wasn’t happy about it. She calls her out as a “messy” child in her blog. And she also weighs in on Gizelle Bryant‘s jealousy over newbie Monique Samuels!

She says seeing Eddie was definitely awkward as they navigate this new territory of being “exes.” Which is why she didn’t need Ashley’s nonsense at the party.  On Ashley Darby wanting to be introduced to Eddie, Charrisse says it’s Ashley acting like a teenager, basically.  “Ashley is being her usual messy self. If I were in a happy place with Eddie, I could understand her wanting me to introduce her to him. But most of all, I know Eddie has no interest whatsoever in meeting the little girl and an introduction is pointless. Quite frankly, I wasn’t really in the mood for Ashley’s childlike behavior.”

She adds in her blog, “This day is Skylar’s and I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin it for her…not even little messy boots Ashley. I would say I was caught off guard when Ashley brought Eddie up at hookah. She’s a messy little girl and that’s what teenagers do. I can tell this young one has no problem stepping into unwelcome territory. I have to keep reminding myself that she lacks maturity and take a few deep breaths because she is starting to piss me off.” Ouch.

On Gizelle‘s sour attitude toward Monique, “The green-eyed monster is really showing signs of envy when it comes to Monique.” She accuses Gizelle of “twisting words” to justify her “juvenile behavior.” She says Gizelle is no match for newbie Monique, “So hopefully she will get over this petty stance of trying to paint Monique in a false image. Perhaps Gizelle would’ve been happy if Monique’s response was that she hadn’t owned a home. That was what she was hoping for but instead got ‘I own four homes.’ Yes!! I love it! Why is she asking in the first place? Gizelle doesn’t own a home, so what was her point?”

Tonight is an all new episode of Real Housewives of Potomac! “Monique hosts all of the ladies for a friendly card game of spades, but this house of cards comes crumbling down when she is pushed to kick Gizelle out of her home. Charrisse attempts to move forward with her life by prematurely announcing her divorce to a room full of strangers.  Karen throws a special celebration for her mother’s 70th birthday, meanwhile, tensions arise when Ashley confronts Robyn with rumors about Juan.”

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Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo