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Monique Samuels Thinks Gizelle Bryant Is “A Very Consistent Liar”; Shades Her Mother-In-Law’s Marriage

Did Gizelle Bryant forget that she was being filmed for a reality TV show? That seems to be a common occurrence among Real Housewives cast members, but I just don’t get how she decided to spin her first meeting with Monique Samuels (which happened with the entire cast present) into something that it wasn’t.

It was ridiculous how she acted like Monique introduced herself by leading with her wealth and spitting some bars when Gizelle was the one who wondered if she owned home and asked her to rap for the group. Monique wasn’t rapping and bragging about real estate out of nowhere. The entire conversation was instigated by Gizelle.


Monique discussed Gizelle’s trash talking in a Bravo blog entry. She admitted, “I was totally unbothered watching the ladies discuss me. I respect everyone’s opinion and the fact is, they are getting to know me so it’s normal to draw their own conclusions.” Plus that is how reality television works.

Yes, Monique understands why she is the new topic of conversation, but she really isn’t here for Gizelle twisting the truth. She complained, “What I don’t like is when people blatantly tell lies or over exaggerate situations (Gizelle Bryant). But at least Gizelle is consistent (a very consistent liar).” This woman does not play. Watch out, Gizelle. Monique has no problem shading you right back.

Monique explained, “I would never introduce myself and then for no reason at all, give details about my real estate or finances. It’s not called bragging when you’re answering nosy people’s questions. That’s called giving facts.”

She wasn’t done though: “The only question I have is, why is Gizelle so interested in my lifestyle? At high tea she begs the question, ‘You don’t have a home?’ and then at the derby she lies to the rest of the ladies and says I introduced myself by stating, ‘I’m Monique and I’m rich.’  Who does that?!” Someone who is thirsting for screen time- that’s who.

Monique continued: “That actually sounds like something she would say if she were wealthy. We all see clearly what her agenda is. Strike 2… she’s coming for me once again! I’m trying my best to be nice!” Don’t be too nice though. Gizelle deserves to get checked.

Gizelle wasn’t the only one coming for Monique during the last episode. Monique’s own mother-in-law made it very clear that she’s not her biggest fan. I figured that Mrs. Samuels would be all smiles at Chris Samuels’s hall of fame induction, but she just had one insult after another for her daughter-in-law.

Monique discussed the uncomfortable situation: “At times I get aggravated because he deserves to have a weekend totally about him, but some people cannot get that through their head and try to make it about themselves (his mom).” It’s safe to say that being on reality TV and writing blogs will not help their relationship. Still Monique said, “All in all, I’m happy that our kids were able to experience this with us. Christopher and Milani both came to the ceremony and watched their daddy give a great speech.”

Weirdly enough, Monique says that she used to get along with her mother-in-law. She recalled, “In the beginning when Chris and I began dating, his mother and I were very close. We would go to the spa together, mall outings, go to church and actually spoke on the phone often. That didn’t last long.” Clearly.

She elaborated, “When Chris and I got more serious in our relationship, Mrs. Samuels began to pull away. She couldn’t stand the fact the son she raised was such a good man to another woman. I would think she would be proud of that, especially since I’m always making sure she’s okay and has everything she needs.”

Monique shared,  “Most men don’t think about the importance of phone calls or spending time with your parents, so a lot of the time it’s me encouraging him to call and check on his parents. I’ll always respect Chris’s mother. She birthed and raised the man that I love and for that I love her. How can I truly say I love him and not at least try to show love to her?” A good start would be not to shade her in a blog post… Oops. Too late for that.

The new Housewife explains, “I’m still a woman, so if she pushes me into a corner, I will  ‘respectfully’ push back. At the end of the day, I really believe she just wants attention. If her marriage was in a better place, I don’t think she would have so much time to spend worrying about Chris and me.” So much for Monique’s effort to “show love to her” from just a few sentences before.

I don’t blame Monique for being upset. Not only was she dissed (multiple times), but it happened on a reality TV show. Maybe Monique moved past the awkward family outing since it was filmed months ago, but she actually heard a lot of her mother-in-law’s comments for the first time when she saw the episode. Monique said, “I was TOTALLY unaware of my mother-in-law’s side comments at the dinner table! To be honest, I can’t say I was surprised. There have been several times that I’ve heard her speak badly about her other daughter-in-laws so why would I be any different? I was disappointed that a person who claims to be such a devout Christian and Pastor would stoop so low and name call in that manner.”

Monique wrote, “I was hurt. Especially hurt to hear her say, ‘They need to throw me some of that money’ as if Chris and I don’t go above and beyond to make sure both his parents are taken care of and want for nothing. For her to even insinuate this is totally ridiculous.”

Monique turned up the shade with this remark: “And she wonders why we don’t come to her for marital advice? I choose to speak about my marital issues with couples who are in a happy and successful marriage. Read between the lines.” There wasn’t much to read in between. It seemed pretty loud and clear to me.

Monique said, “Once again, I’m dealing with a person who clearly puts MONEY on a pedestal. To suggest that my marriage is any less sacred or should be easy because of my husband’s wealth is just plain IGNORANT. If money made people happy, why are rich folks some of the most unhappy people? Let that marinate.” That’s a pretty vague statement in all honesty.

Nevertheless, I do agree with this sentiment: “We all have issues and I can’t PAY my issues to go away (wouldn’t that be nice). That takes hard work, determination, and dedication. ” And then it got kind of awkward with Monique bragging about her sex life: “And that’s why Chris and I have a “successful” marriage so far; not a perfect marriage… but a very happy and loving marriage… with great sex! LOL!” Oh.

Tonight is an all new episode of RHOP. “When Gizelle’s mom comes to visit, she finds herself on a date with her new boyfriend AND her mom. Charrisse a.k.a “Cha-Cha” throws her daughter a lavish Sweet 16 birthday party, but when her elusive husband shows up at the party, it becomes too much for her to handle. Meanwhile, a hookah lounge fête turns sour when Ashley’s prodding about Eddie puts Charrisse on edge and Monique shuts down Gizelle’s hazing antics.”

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