Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis says that she is so baffled by many recent headlines, but she says that the craziest thing she has read lately about herself involves Landon Clements’ story that they are not friends because Kathryn stole clothing from a friend of Landon’s and had to be presented with legal papers to cough up the designer duds.

“When I read the story about Landon not being my friend because I reportedly stole clothing from a friend of hers, I thought, what the heck is she talking about? Landon has never introduced me to a friend of hers, let alone someone who is a designer who gave me clothes. Where is she getting this from?”


At the party on the ship during Southern Charm season two, where Kathryn and Landon got into it, Landon said she tried to be Kathryn’s friend, but who would want to be friends with someone who stole from their friend, and why is the story just coming out now? Kathryn thinks the timing seems sort of convenient.

Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Baffled By Landon’s Clothing Theft Story

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Kathryn says the only thing she can think of involving borrowing clothing was a store on King Street in Charleston that invited her to come in to borrow clothing in season two.

“There is a store on King Street that invited me to come in, and select some clothing for a Southern Charm shoot. They told me I could take some clothing, return whatever I didn’t want, and pay for anything I kept,” Kathryn explains. “The man I worked with there was named Jared, and he was really helpful. I kept most of the items, and paid for them, and arranged for Jared to pick up the pieces that I didn’t want to keep. There was no drama, and maybe Landon knows Jared, but I didn’t meet him through her.”

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Kathryn also says that companies like Stuart Weitzman send items like shoes for her to wear on Southern Charm, that she is supposed to send back, and she does.

“If I want to keep them, I have to pay for them, and I always do. If Landon is saying otherwise, why wouldn’t she have talked to me about this, rather than holding it in for two years? I mean, if it’s the big event that is keeping us from being friends.”

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Kathryn has her own opinion on why she and Landon never clicked, and it has nothing to do with her “obsession” with Landon.

“When Landon was new on Southern Charm, she did everything she could to only approach me while we were shooting, and I was having a conversation with someone else,” says Kathryn. “She would approach to give me advice, but it wasn’t ever sincere, because when the cameras were off, she would walk away. It was very opportunistic. We had little in common anyway, and I didn’t like being used. That is why we aren’t friends.”


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