Sheree & Kenya argue

Sheree Whitfield might have carried a bone or three on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta this season, but she’s keeping herself out of the reunion drama pretty deftly. Plus – she’s got enough on her plate with ex-husband Bob Whitfield showing up to offer apologies and hover behind the couch like grade A creeper.

In her blog, Sheree focuses on her past domestic abuse coming to light, and how she’s ultimately made peace with the subject. (Although she still hasn’t spoken to her kids about it.) Sheree explains why she kept mum on the physical violence in her marriage for so long: “I would have never spoken on that part of my relationship with Bob if he hadn’t brought it up. I always wanted to protect my family and kids from that. I didn’t want to taint the image of their dad by how he acted in our marriage. So I just remained silent for many years.”


But after Bob’s crass comments on camera regarding past abuse, Sheree had no choice but to address the matter.

She says, “I’m thankful that it came out, because I was able to deal with it and process all of the feelings I had suppressed for so many years. As women, sometimes we get so caught up in what our families need that we just forget to take care of ourselves. After my divorce I just focused on my children, because as a mother you just want them to feel love, safety, and security. In doing that, I just never dealt with all of the baggage from my marriage with Bob.”

“I’m glad that I was able to release it,” admits Sheree – though she still hasn’t processed the pain with her grown children, Kairo and Kaleigh, who have likely seen all of the footage by now. (Does this family need Iyanla to come fix their life..AGAIN?)

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Sheree glosses over the subject a bit, offering that “Since the show aired, I believe Bob has spoken to the kids. Kaleigh was watching the show at home and she came over and gave me a big hug. It’s still a conversation that I need to have with them.”

Well, the ladies of RHOA have sure discussed the matter at length, and their support is something for which Sheree is thankful. “It definitely reminds you that even through all of the drama and shade that we are part of a sisterhood. To know that you have a group of ladies that despite everything will support you, give you a hug, and offer encouragement — it’s a good feeling.”

As for part four of the reunion? Well, there are no good feelings to come. None, nada, zilch! It’s about to explode on that stage, and we all have front row tickets. Sheree teases in her blog, “Make sure you guys keep watching, as things are just heating up on the reunion couch.”


Photo Credit: Bravo