Sheree Whitfield Confirms She Is NOT Back Together With Bob; Has Wiped The Slate Clean With NeNe Leakes!

After all the water under Chateau Sheree‘s unfinished bridge I still can’t believe I saw Sheree Whitfield on a romantic couple’s trip with her ex- husband Bob Whitfield! In case you’ve forgotten these two have been bitterly fighting since before Sheree joined Real Housewives Of Atlanta

There’s been bitter custody and child support battles, missing 7 figures, major mansion drama, bankruptcy and bills up the wazoo, cheating allegationsIyanla couldn’t fix that mess, court drama, and no amount of bounced checks, boo could keep Sheree from throwing water in Bob’s face. But finally Sheree and Bob are co-parenting successfully … now that their kids are adults. 

“I am happy to say that Bob and I have a growing friendship and he plays an active role in all three of my children’s lives,” says Sheree. “I choose to focus on the positive. There is a lot that Bob and I may never agree on, but what we do agree on is that we love our kids.” 


According to Sheree the old adage “Time heals all wounds” applies where she and Bob are concerned. She gained her newfound perspective after taking a break from Real Housewives Of Atlanta got some of her priorities in order. 

“Back when I was on the show, I was going through some very real experiences,” reveals Sheree. “Once my truth played out on TV, I feel it added to the already very challenging road we were traveling on, the difficulties we were experiencing in co-parenting our children, and us even attempting to be cordial to one another.”

“Once I decided to take a break from TV and focus on my family, I feel like it really helped me to deal with what was at hand. After all that I’ve gone through, I decided to let go of the past and forgive,” Sheree explains. “I no longer was willing to block my blessings. Everyone deserves a second chance, and if that second chance means a better relationship for my children with their dad, then I’m all for it!” So, it sounds like Sheree learned something from Patti Stanger on Millionaire Matchmaker

Real Housewives Of Atlanta in Jamaica

Another person Sheree no longer has animosity towards is NeNe Leakes. Sheree describes NeNe’s surprise appearance in Jamaica as “#JAWDROPPING!”

“I didn’t know what to think honestly,” admits Sheree. Due to their shared history on Real Housewives Of Atlanta and before, NeNe and Sheree decided to truly move on from past disagreements.  

 “I honestly feel like we both wiped the slate clean. I am choosing to remain optimistic and take it day by day,” says She By SheBroke. “We embarked on this journey together along with Kim Zolciak-Biermann, Lisa Wu-Hartwell, and DeShawn Snow, not knowing where sharing our stories would lead us. That bond will always be shared amongst us five ladies, and we will always have certain level of respect for each other.”

Of NeNeSheree has officially shrugged off the past. “We shared some great times and really knew one another — the good, the bad, and the ugly! Through the fallout we still held those secrets close and maintained a mutual respect for one another, and that I applaud.”


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