Gizelle Bryant Loves The Hate! Says It Lets Her Know She's "Doing Everything Exactly Right"

Gizelle Bryant Loves The Hate; Says It Lets Her Know She’s “Doing Everything Exactly Right”

Love her or hate her, Gizelle Bryant is here for it all! Especially the haters – who she says remind her that she’s playing the Housewives game right. The Real Housewives Of Potomac star must especially appreciate newcomer, Monique Samuels, then, who has been facing off with Gizelle since the very first moment the two shared camera time.

Gizelle jokes, “Of course people talk about me and judge while getting the absolute total wrong impression of me. I’ve been Gizelle for a VERY LONG time. Hate comes early and often. I’m not new to this. I absolutely LOVE my haters. It lets me know that I’m doing everything exactly right.”


But Gizelle does have some love in her heart, reserved largely for Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and Robyn Dixon. When Charrisse gave a speech about losing one of her last names (due to her impending divorce) at a party, Gizelle felt compassion – along with some second hand embarrassment.

“Hearing that Charrisse is telling a room full of strangers that she is dropping her last name, basically making a DIVORCE ANNOUNCEMENT, makes me cringe. I want to hug her while simultaneously slipping her an AMBIEN so she can sleep away anymore notions of public proclamations. I get that she wants everyone to know she is transitioning into a new phase. But Charrisse honey, it’s call a DIVORCE PARTY.”

As for Ashley Darby starting rumors about Robyn’s kinda-sorta-ex-husband, Juan, Gizelle has absolutely no time for it. She claims, “First and foremost I DID NOT want to have a conversation about Juan and he is literally 10 feet away. I’m not going to set myself up for a Juan Dixon half court smackdown. Secondly, I WILL NOT discuss Robyn Dixon’s business with people around that don’t know her or need to be aware of a sensitive conversation about her…i.e., MONIQUE. Last but not least, Ashley, unless you were in the bed and actually saw Juan doing the dirty hopscotch with someone who doesn’t look like Robyn, then it’s hearsay and MIND YOUR BUSINESS. The END.”

Speaking of MoniqueGizelle offers her thoughts on being called out, then kicked out of Monique’s house! She also has some words for Monique’s bestie, Gigi. Um, suffice to say: Gizelle is not a fan. (Shocker!)

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“I’m happy that Monique has a friend to listen to ALL of her talking, so that’s a good thing. Clearly, Gigi desperately wanted to have a conversation with me and Kal, I get it…we are fun. However, she was going about it the wrong way. Obviously, she was attempting to start a fire when no one brought matches.”

But the ladies’ drama was brought to a standstill at the end of the night when Charrisse arrived, only to break down in tears over the pain of her divorce. Again, Gizelle can empathize. She closes her blog with kind words for her friend (who, lest we forget, only recently made up with her – highlighting that both women can move on from petty arguments pretty quickly).

“Seeing anyone genuinely hurting is painful to watch. I really felt Charrisse’s pain and it brought me straight back to when I was going through my divorce. HORRIBLE,” offers Gizelle.

Here’s the thing about Gizelle: She knows she brings the drama, she likes it that way, and she might keep her spot on the show because of it. But in there somewhere is a heart, and I sometimes wish she’d let us see a glimpse of it on camera. Or maybe I’m wrong and she’s forever going to be fueled by hate? Sigh. There should be a Housewives Finishing School for these ladies!


Photo Credit: Bravo