Little Women: LA Recap: Shady Business

Little Women: LA Recap: Shady Business

OK, I just accidentally watched a Chuck Norris infomercial in its entirety (don’t ask!) and am prepped and ready to go on this here recap. On last night’s Little Women: LA, some alliances shifted while other friendships continued to circle the drain. Excited about her prospects as an author, Terra Jole meets with her publisher to work out the details. Guess who still has a problem with Terra or literally anyone pursuing another gig? Elena Gant! Our Official Season 6 Hater. (What happened to this chick? Seriously.)

Terra also unexpectedly finds herself relating to Briana Renee, as Briana navigates the frightening decision of whether to have baby Maverick undergo spinal surgery. Meanwhile, Christy McGinity Gibel finally battles back from the wreckage of last year (and most of this season, which has placed her on a very cold back burner) by accusing Briana of underhanded moves with her PR firm. Tonya Banks continues to browbeat Kerwin into taking their relationship to the next level – like unpacking his duffel bag, for example.


Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer] and Briana are out on a date night, leaving the kids and puppies home with their new nanny. They talk about Maverick’s health challenges, which his achondroplasia presents. He may develop sleep apnea – with serious outcomes – unless they choose to address some physiological issues early, possibly with surgery. In less serious news, Briana is still buggin’ about Jasmine Sorge’s recent demands. You know, demands like Briana not throwing EVERY SINGLE friend she has under the bus. Matt stupidly cheers Briana on, claiming she shouldn’t have to “chase people” to be friends with her. Nah. But maybe she should also stop accusing them of going after her husband? Because: Breaking News! No one, I repeat, NO ONE, wants a piece o’ dat.

Christy and Tonya are at a cooking class, which Tonya hopes will aid the effort to lock her man down. Christy is bummed that Terra didn’t invite her to her art gallery event, but she’s bumming even more that Briana has been hashtagging Christy’s PR firm on Instagram lately. Remember the gigantic, extended hissy fit Briana threw when Christy hired Briana’s old agent? And how the rest of the ladies backed Briana, thereby forcing Christy out of the group? Well, Christy does. And this latest move has hypocrite written all over it.

Elena, Preston, Jasmine, and Chris take their boys out on a playdate at a petting zoo. Elena has been thinking about revoking her request that Terra and Joe act as godparents to her twins; she’s thinking Jasmine and Chris fit the bill. Though she’s not fighting with Terra now, per se, things have changed. And Elena doesn’t know if their relationship will ever be the same. Preston seems shocked at this reasoning, but Elena stands firm. She feels closer to Jasmine and thinks she has her priorities straight: family first, career second. Preston agrees (likely for the sake of keeping the peace), but man. This is some crazy, abrupt decision making. After all, some say you shouldn’t make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion. Like choosing godparents – or getting a face tattoo.

Over at Terra’s house, she’s meeting with her book publisher, Wenonah, who discusses the general story Terra wants to tell. In summary: Being a little person isn’t all about having a sad tale of woe; it can be a source of strength. Terra doesn’t know if she can deliver a manuscript in six weeks though, which is what the publisher is demanding. She’s also not sure if she can get her friends to sign releases for all of the tea she’s about to spill in these tales. Um. Magic Eight Ball reads: Not damn likely.

Since turnabout is fair play, Tonya has hired a chef to come teach Kerwin how to cook at home. Complete with chef’s jacket and gold chain. Kerwin is a good sport, but he no sooner digs into his entree before Tonya digs into their relationship status. She wants to know what Kerwin is bringing to the table besides these lamb chops? Irritated, Kerwin storms off from the table wondering why Tonya begged him to move in with her if she’s going to make demands. Wait – demands like he get a job? What’s up with the general employment status of men on this show? It seems to range from nonexistent to nefarious, at best.


At a cafe, Christy and Terra finally meet up to discuss their friendship. As one does. Terra explains what Briana did with her manager, which spurs Christy on to discuss the potential PR poaching. Terra thinks Briana is desperate for attention, and tough to trust. Christy wonders why Briana gets so many passes, but she doesn’t? “That’s because she never tried to arrest me,” deadpans Terra, who’s not angry with Christy anymore – she just doesn’t want to be friends with her. Christy will have to accept that.

OK, time for the requisite weird work out scene. Jasmine, Elena, Tonya, Terra, and Briana try their hands at bubble soccer. If you’ve never seen this in action, picture getting inside of a gigantic plastic globe, then slamming into your besties while kicking a ball. Christy shows up late (wow – someone invited her!) to join in the fun, sans bubble. Terra takes this opportunity to ram right into her because…she’s Terra. Jasmine can hardly look at Briana, let alone speak to her. But the ladies get their bubble soccer on, nonetheless. It actually looks like a blast!

Afterward, the ladies circle up to chat. So Terra takes the opportunity to announce her book deal. Wait – what’s the sound? Oh! It’s Briana’s head exploding all over this bubble soccer joint. She’s purportedly been working on her book for two years in between her modeling gigs, music career, extreme vision-boarding, and locking down Matt’s emerging social media accounts. Now, she doesn’t want Terra to accuse her of copying her down the line when HER totally real book comes out! Whatev.

Little Women: LA Recap: Shady Business

When Terra asks everyone to sign a release, it’s Elena who speaks up though. She can’t believe Terra is moving right on to another high pressure, time consuming project right on the heels of DWTS. Can’t she take a pause to enjoy those babies of hers for a minute? Terra says her family is her number one priority, but she can’t put her career on the back burner for them. Elena doesn’t believe her, feeling more convinced than ever that she should choose Jasmine and Chris as godparents.


After that awkward scene, Christy pulls Briana aside (sort of – although everyone is there!) to have an even more awkward convo: Confronting Briana about the PR bullsh*t. Briana refuses to cop to trying to link herself to Christy via a PR agency. Tonya thinks it’s strange, though, that out of the thousands of PR people out there, Briana would choose Christy’s old representation. Things that make you go hmmm.

I will admit something right now: I do not understand the incessant beefs these chicks have with each other over who is representing whom, in general. I imagine their world is pretty small, so agents who represent little people are likely shared by many people they know – no? I do, however, understand Christy’s argument about Briana’s hypocrisy. And so does Jasmine, who ain’t gonna help a sister out anymore. Briana is on her own now.


Back at home, Briana and Matt discuss Christy’s accusations, which Matt laughs off and Briana thinks are ridiculous. She just thinks everyone is threatened by her fabulosity! But more serious matters need Briana’s attention. Maverick’s sleep study came back with troubling news: He’s stopping breathing up to six times an hour from his sleep apnea and may need cervical spine surgery. Poor little wee one! 🙁

In tears, Briana confesses that she’s sick of dealing with the her “friends” petty drama. But then, in a moment of SHOCKING clarity, Matt advises she talk to Terra about Maverick’s surgery because Terra went through it with her daughter, Penny. And when it comes to kids, Terra will likely put the nonsense aside and be a valuable resource. Are pigs flying? Is the sky green? Because Matt just spoke some real words of wisdom (and, wow, was it hard for me to type that). Plus, Briana literally has no friends left, so she should listen to this advice.

Out eating gelato, Tonya vents to Terra about Kerwin’s attitude. She wants them to get married – and for him to get a damn job! Terra’s face reads no shock, as Tonya and Kerwin have been in limbo forever. So, she changes the subject. Briana wants to meet up with Terra, who’s wondering what the hell it’s about? She suspects it might be about Maverick’s health, in which case she wants to be supportive. “Does she have no friends left?” wonders Terra, thinking about how pathetic it is that Briana has to turn to pseudo-friends in her time of need because she’s pushed everyone in her life away.


But, meet her she does. At lunch, Briana confesses the details of Maverick’s health, and how they may need to opt for surgery. She’s justifiably scared, as any mother would be. And to her credit, Terra listens with empathy, assuring Briana that it will all be okay. But that she should reach out to a good neurosurgeon for further testing, which ended up saving Penny’s life.

To Briana’s credit, she admits she wasn’t that supportive of Terra when she was going through the same scary surgery with Penny, and she regrets writing it off as no big deal. She understands the gravity of the situation now, which Terra appreciates.


“These are life changing decisions,” cries Briana. Terra understands, hugging her old friend, then explaining how emotional her experience was too. She repeats that Briana needs to get a reputable doctor in their corner, and encourages her to be on the same team as Matt with their decision, no matter what. Briana appreciates Terra’s words, and her friendship – messy as both might be. Aww. Good work, ladies! Gold stars for both of you! (Not supplied by same PR firm.)

It’s morning at Elena’s house when Jasmine brings her family over for a visit. Elena’s ready to share her big decision with her: She wants Jasmine and Chris to be her boys’ godparents! The couple seems genuinely shocked, and gladly accept the honor with a hug. Jasmine can hardly believe how far she and Elena have come since their first days together (yeah, no kidding), but she’s also worried about how Terra will react (yeah, NO KIDDING). Elena’s like, meh. Whatever. She’s over Terra, Terra’s career, and Terra’s role as potential godmother. She’s made her decision now, and there’s no turning back.

Well, let’s get ready for the fireworks show that results from Elena’s forthcoming announcement. Grab your earplugs, people!


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