Below Deck Med's Captain Sandy Yawn Not Surprised At Crew Questioning Her; Plans To Lead By Showing, Not Telling

Below Deck Mediterranean’s Captain Sandy Yawn Not Surprised At Crew Questioning Her; Plans To Lead By Showing, Not Telling

Below Deck Mediterranean is sailing into its second week with first female leader, Captain Sandy Yawn, at the helm – and she doesn’t plan on taking flack from anyone! That didn’t stop some of her new crew from questioning her right out of the gate, however. Captain Sandy says getting push-back early on is par for the course, though, and plans to lead by example to keep them in line.

Yawn explains her strategy: “Being a female captain in this industry is challenging and inspiring because I thrive on problem solving. Being a woman in the male dominated yachting world is an advantage due to my ability to multi task while managing the emotions of the crew. I choose not to come from a place of power and control and it really, really works.”


Rather than intimidate her crew, Yawn says, “I like to empower my crew to be the best they can be. I cultivate, educate, and teach my crew to reach their capabilities and have goals without shaming or demeaning them. When the meltdowns start to come, I take my crew for ice cream and I show them that it’s not the end of the world, but at the same time let them know what I expect from them. This is where my energy as a woman helps me with leading people. I have worked for bosses before, and a boss sits at a desk or at the helm and tells people what to do — I prefer to be hands-on, firm, and compassionate. That’s how I navigate my leadership.”

Um, ice cream? Not sure if that’s going to cut it with the surlier staff – but, hey! It’s a change from Captain Lee Rosbach’s traditionally gruffer strategy (at least in word, if not always in deed), so might make for an interesting dichotomy.

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Despite her more nurturing management style, Yawn maintains that she is no pushover. She survived being chased by pirates at seas, after all! She recalls, “Let’s remember pirates are thieves at sea. It takes place in the Red Sea! Not a fun place for one to be drifting. My training kicked in and I wondered if I would make it out of there alive.”

Much like surviving pirate attacks, Yawn plans to “navigate” her way through season two of Below Deck Med carefully. She explains in her Bravo blog that she’ll “lead by showing the crew what I expect not telling them what to do. When I am pushed, I don’t push back, I navigate.”

Tonight is a new episode of Below Deck Mediterranean! “Hannah continues to struggle with working under the close eye of Captain Sandy. After a mishap with the anchor, Sandy realizes her new deck crew has a lot to learn if they are going to have a successful charter season. Bobby develops a crush on Malia and rushes to her aid when she suffers a freak accident. As the guests enjoy a uniquely themed dinner, a slip of the tongue by Adam threatens to ruin a carefully planned surprise. And, a wild night of partying leads to a major argument as Bobby clashes with Hannah over interfering with his past relationships.”

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