Stephanie Hollman Bone Marrow Surgery

Is Stephanie Hollman the only saint on Bravo? Apparently her goodness was no act for the cameras, because the Real Housewives Of Dallas star underwent surgery to donate bone marrow for a life-staving transplant. Dang, girl, I hope you get a halo in next season’s opening montage!

“Proud of this girl! @stephhollman jumped on a flight last night to undergo a bone marrow donation, potentially saving the life of a much needed recipient She’s a superhero in my books!” Stephanie’s husband Travis shared in an Instagram post.


“I couldn’t have asked for a more selfless, kind-hearted, caring wife and mother to our children. I love you baby! Please keep Steph in your thoughts and prayers as she goes under for the procedure!” Travis continued.

Stephanie added to Travis‘ post by saying she was “Blessed to be a blessing,” and thanking everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

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Post-Surgery Stephanie updated everyone that the surgery went fine. “If I could give you all a big, warm hug, I would! Thank you for all the kind messages and prayers you have sent over the past 24 hours! I promise, I have read each and every one of your comments, tweets, emails, DM’s and text’s. I could not be more blessed to have such wonderful internet friends! I have the most AMAZING nurse @atucky who has taken the best care of me, I couldn’t be more appreciative! I will keep you all updated on the recovery process and share more about the process of donating bone marrow on my website soon! Love you all!”

Travis took over to describe the procedure and provide the update in another IG post. “My wonderful wife @stephhollman is in day two of her bone marrow donation. She is doing this for a complete stranger. They had to put a direct tube into her jugular and take all of the blood out of her body for two days at 5 hours each day. I am so proud of her. Keep being #mysuperhero #bonemarrowdonor #rhod #supermom.”

Happily Stephanie recovered fine and was back in Dallas to celebrate Mother’s Day with her family. I hope whomever gets that bone marrow has a lot to celebrate as well.

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RHOD is just wrapping up its second season. In season 1, Travis often overlooked Stephanie and micromanaged her – apparently he’s had a much-needed change of heart about his wife’s awesomeness!


[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]