As The Real Housewives Of New York returned to the Berkshires, so did the unhinged craziness. So, maybe it’s Dorinda Medley’s home that’s to blame? Bethenny Frankel seems to think so! She jokes, “It’s not me. It’s the Berkshires. Here we go…I mean three years in a row is a record.”

In their blogs, Bethenny and Luann de Lesseps break down the drama, and share some insight on just how differently they see the world. Though Bethenny still may think Luann is making a huge mistake in marrying Tom D’Agostino, she admits, “Luann had strength. I felt badly, and who knows if I was projecting. I just wanted to make sure she felt safe to jump on a lifeboat if she needed to.”

Backtracking from her more aggressive stance on the matter earlier this year, Bethenny now says she wishes Luann well – but reminds us (again) that marriage did not turn out so well for her. “I don’t walk in her shoes. I have been through hell, and I truly wish her all the happiness in the world in her marriage and her life.”

Previewing the blow-up with Ramona Singer poised to hit this week, Bethenny reflects on her bizarre and erratic behavior at dinner: “Ramona was lathering it on so thick that it was uncomfortable. I think she had an orgasm when she won that bunny.”

Bethenny continues, “I truly tried to simply let her know to not apologize, nor walk on eggshells and that she really, for reasons you will soon learn, has not been a good friend.” Hmm. What are these reasons we will “soon learn?” I’m betting it has to do with 1) Bethenny’s business, or 2) Bethenny’s daughter. Because those areas seem to be the red hot pain buttons in her life, and lord knows Ramona knows how to push both.

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Until the “sh-t hits the fan,” Bethenny closes her blog with kind words for their long-suffering Berkshires host. “Dorinda did make it nice. The food was good, the atmosphere was authentically holiday-ish, and I tried my best to not stab someone in a shower. I am sorry that it always gets screwed up for her.”

Bethenny Frankel Comments On Projecting In The Berkshires; Luann De Lesseps Says

Luann’s take on the trip was basically, Another day, another Tom attack. Meh. Who cares? She writes in her blog, “You can tell a lot about a woman by observing her body language. This is what struck me most while watching this episode. Regardless of what the ladies said about Tom, I remained cool and collected, because I know it’s not true. The smile on my face was real, because I was really happy!”

As for Ramona’s body language – which frankly looked akin to that un-dead girl climbing out of a well in The RingLuann comments that it “was all over the place…literally! Dorinda’s furniture didn’t stand a chance. Thank goodness her boyfriend is a dry cleaning expert. When the girls started a fire in a non-working fireplace, did Dorinda freak out? No, she stayed focused on us while her house filled with smoke. I’m so glad Dorinda is one of my bridesmaids. She’s a loyal friend and an amazing hostess.”

Now, on to the matter of Tom – which shall go down in Housewives history as the story that just won’t die, no matter how little life Luann gives to it. It’s like the fire in Dorinda’s non-working fireplace: lots of smoke with nowhere to blow but back in their faces.

“Getting married is a big deal, and most brides feel a bit nervous before walking down the aisle. It’s normal to have pre-wedding jitters. I believe in marriage, and that is why I took my decision to marry Tom very seriously,” defends Luann.

“As for Tom and I having an occasional spat (as lovers do), we don’t harbor grudges. Also, Tom and I are of the same mindset when it comes to looking forward, not back. I tried to share my perspective on life and love with girls, especially with Bethenny, but they weren’t having any of it. I think in the end, the girls finally realized that Tom and I are getting married and that we are both looking forward to a life of happiness together. Love wins the day.”

Well, we’ll see about that. But Dorinda certainly wins for most gracious hostess to this messy lot!


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