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The tension between Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel has been lingering for most of this Real Housewives of New York season. It pretty much all stems from when Ramona asked Bethenny if her six-year-old daughter was aware of a topless scene she did in a movie. Ever since then, Bethenny has wanted nothing to do with her…. other than the events they’re contractually obligated to attend as cast members of the same reality show.

Bethenny has been doing her best to pretend that Ramona doesn’t exist and Ramona mistook the (initial) lack of arguing as an indication of peace. Of all people to teach Ramona to be self-aware, it was Sonja Morgan who pointed out that Bethenny was still very mad at Ramona and then the episode ended on a cliff hanger with Bethenny and Ramona screaming at each other. This means that the feud will continue for the entire season at least another episode.


Aside from priding herself on being a self-proclaimed older version of Cameron Diaz, a brilliant businesswoman, and an expert dater, Ramona considers herself to be a top notch friend and expressed her dismay about Bethenny’s comments for her last Bravo blog entry.

Ramona complained, “Wow, Wow! Really, really? Are you kidding me, Bethenny? How can you even say that I have not been a good friend? Totally shocked that you actually think that, let alone say that!” I mean clearly she was shocked. She asked “Are you kidding me?” 934938439483985 times during the end of that last episode.

Ramona claimed, “At least I know that from the bottom of my heart, I have tried. You shut me out and shut me down. You said that there was an elephant in the room? Behind my back you talk about me being crazy and creepy and that I was coming into your space?”

Even by Ramona standards, she definitely seemed a little off during the episode to a point where almost all of her costars questioned her behavior during the on-camera interviews.

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Refusing to take Bethenny’s criticism, Ramona dished it back at her: “Well maybe you were the one who wasn’t a good friend. Maybe you were the one that closes the doors on people, and I react.”

Ramona continued, “I own up to everything I am. You all tease me and call me The Apologizer. I take it all! You don’t see me shutting people out. And I am not apologizing!”

She preached, “I know who I am. I love who I am, and people who really know me love me.” And after several seasons of shitting on Sonja for no reason, Ramona suddenly cites her as a best friend reference: “As Sonja said, we roll with it. I look at life in a positive way! So does Sonja, which is why we have our forever special connection.” Does this “forever special connection” include constantly judging everything Sonja does, or is that irrelevant while the focus is on this Bethenny feud?

Ramona summed it all up: “The Berkshires sure brings out the strangest things in all of us!” That’s for sure. Poor Dorinda Medley’s dinner party got ruined again. I have no idea why she keeps inviting these people back to her home… other than the story lines.


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