Real Housewives of Potomac recap

I am waiting for Karen Huger’s story line to unravel on this Real Housewives of Potomac season. The trailer was teasing some major financial woes and some potential lies about her home and I have been impatiently waiting for all of that to go down. With that said, I could not care any less about Karen arguing with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan about who is hosting an upcoming trip.

Can either of them be considered a “host” when the trip was most likely planned and funded by production? Who are they fooling? Plus this story line is lame as hell. No. One. Cares. Let’s focus on the financial drama and struggling marriages. I know that’s cruel, but I can’t be the only one who is not at all interested in this story line. Unfortunately, the same sentiment does not apply to Karen.

Karen opened up about her (annoying) drama with Charrisse in her last Bravo blog entry.

She claimed, “I have been told that obsession is a form of flattery, however, Charisse’s obsession with my life is very weird and her comment on the price of my home was so typical for her. Charrisse’s thoughts concerning my life are irrelevant, although everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If I were her though, I wouldn’t be so quick to throw stones at others given she has no idea how her finances will play out.” Good point though. Karen isn’t playing around.

Karen really went in: “Charrisse is quick to comment on how others are spending their money but she never talks about her own money.  Is that because she’s worried about home, and if that she’s going to have to move out? And if she’s broke? Projection honey, maybe she should chat with her therapist about that…”

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Karen kind of sort of owned up to flipping out at Charrisse about hosting the trip: “I probably got a little extra with her at the party, but I was not going have her act as if she came up with the idea to host a trip to Bermuda because that couldn’t have been further from the truth – which is why I had to check her; and so I did.” Production came up with this idea. There’s no chance in hell that the trip was an original thought from either of these two.

The self-proclaimed Grand Dame continued talking about this ridiculous story line. “Regardless of any tension, I graciously invited Charrisse to my home to get the matter resolved like a grown woman. That is hardly what I got back in return. Charrisse was well aware that it was my idea to host the event. I only offered to allow her to assist me because she seemed so enthusiastic about the idea and helped to agree on the location of Bermuda.”

It seemed like Karen had some sympathy for Charrisse for a split second, but by the time I got to the end of this sentence I realized that was far from true: “Granted Charrisse is going through some things and probably feels she needs to have her hand in as many pots as she can to not deal with the fact that her husband has flown the coup and does not want her anymore.” Damn. She went for the jugular there.


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