Brandi Glanville On The Alleged Harassment She’s Still Dealing With From LeAnn Rimes

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 09: Brandi Glanville attends the OK! Magazine Pre-GRAMMY Event at Avalon Hollywood on February 9, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Desiree Stone/WireImage)

Brandi Glanville may have been unfiltered with her words about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian in a recent interview, declaring Eddie would likely divorce LeAnn before their 10th anniversary, but today she gave some background info on where her hostility is coming from.

During an interview on Daily Pop, Brandi got snarky about the state of Eddie and LeAnn‘s marriage, which shocked a lot of people who thought things were finally good between the trio. Turns out that this wasn’t just a case of Brandi being Brandi. There is a perfect explanation for her animosity towards LeAnn.

Brandi reached out to Nik at The Dirty to explain that there is a lot of harassment and stress going on behind the scenes. She’s tried to take the high road but she’s been pushed too far. After some background on all the single white femaling LeAnn has done over the years, Brandi says that she has truly tried hard for the sake of her boys and the sake of peace in general, but LeAnn is just making it impossible to achieve that peace.

She explains, “just recently I was invited to attend a party for a magazine and just 3 hours prior to the event was called and told that Leann & Eddie asked that I be uninvited or they would not attend.” It left her feeling flustered, but still attempting to ignore attempts at online harassment by people associated with LeAnn, “her music producer, hairstylist, and former road manager to be specific. I did not react to these recent things I tried to turn a blind eye.”

Brandi says that the incident at Nobu in Malibu was the tipping point. “My last straw was a couple of weeks ago when her and her assistant watched my boyfriends snap chats several times over the course of a few hours and just happened to show up where we said we would be to celebrate step mothers day (a day early). They sat across the room from us just to hurt and torment me by using my own children as pawns. I’ve done my best to keep quiet over all of her antics but bringing my boys into this was my breaking point. I just want the truth out there and for all of her nonsense to stop.”

Brandi ended her statement by asserting that she’s in a great place with her work, her relationship and wants nothing more than to peacefully co-parent her boys.


Photo Credit: Desiree Stone/WireImage/Getty