Brandi Glanville Explains Why She, Eddie and LeAnn Called A Truce; Famously Single Doc Says She’s ‘Misunderstood’

NBCUNIVERSAL EVENTS -- NBCUniversal Summer Press Day, April 1, 2016 -- E! Entertainment's "Famously Single" Panel -- Pictured: Brandi Glanville -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBCUniversal)

After years of brutal fighting and mud-slinging in the media and the public eye, Brandi Glanville confirms that she and ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, along with his wife LeAnn Rimes,  are all one big happy family now. And she says their boys, Mason and Jake are the reason behind the truce – as it should’ve been a long, long time ago.

Brandi didn’t go into deep detail but said that it was an event with the boys that helped iron things out between the three of them once and for all.  “Something happened with my children and it brought Eddie and LeAnn and I together and we just had to be on the same page and we realized that we’re the adults here and we have to act like adults. I’ve been ready for this for so long.”
She adds, “The kids are the happiest they’ve ever been when we’re united. I will do anything for those children of mine.” 

Brandi doesn’t say if LeAnn and Eddie are annoyed or uncomfortable over her and Dean (LeAnn’s ex husband) shooting a cooking show together, but she doesn’t care. “I’m not married to Eddie anymore, so I don’t have to ask permission for anything.”

Speaking of Brandi’s sons. Brandi has said in the past that her kids don’t watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so I’m sure she won’t be letting them watch her new dating/therapy show “Famously Single” either. The show starts airing next week and judging from the clips, it would be MAJOR TMI for those boys.


Although we’ll be hearing a lot of sex talk from the stars on the show, Dr. Darcy (the show’s resident therapist) seems to think we’ll see a new vulnerability in some of them, including Brandi.  In fact, Dr. Darcy thinks Brandi is very misunderstood by the world and says we’ll see a new side to her on the show.  She shared in an interview with E! News, “I think that Brandi is misunderstood. I think the show is going to go very far in clarifying who the real Brandi is. I can’t say enough about how surprised and how much I enjoyed working with her. She’s an amazing person. She’ll be a friend of mine indefinitely.”

Dr. Darcy says that “concern” got in the way of some of the celebrities being able to let go and “lean in” to the process. She says many of them were paranoid about how they’d be portrayed, so they held back. “And in their defense, many of them have been manipulated and exploited.”  Hmmm. My Spidey Senses are pinging, wondering if Brandi will do a lot of “I got a really crappy edit” whining regarding her time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I could be wrong and I hope I am.

Famously Single starts airing June 14 at 10pm EST on E!.


Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBCUniversal