Brandi Glanville On E!'s Daily Pop

What’s an ex-Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star got to offer? Why herself apparently! Brandi Glanville and Eden Sassoon are auctioning off guys to raise money for Susan G. Komen as part of the Babes For Boobs charity event. Well, I guess it’s nice to see Brandi baring it all for a good cause, for once!

“Join me this Thursday night in Los Angeles at the @Babes_For_Boobs bachelor auction, benefiting @KomenLA,” Brandi announced on Instagram. “We’re auctioning off amazing men for a really great cause! Lots of special guests too. All the money from the live auction will benefit the fight against breast cancer. More info and tickets: #BBAuction”

Eden apparently decided the best way to entice people to bid on hot men, was to share a topless photo of herself. Well, the auction does raise money for breast cancer research.

Eden Sassoon - Babes For Boobs Charity

“Join me this Thursday night in Los Angeles at the BABES FOR BOOBS #bachelor auction, benefiting Susan G. Komen LA. We’re auctioning off amazing #men for a really great cause!” she shared. “Tag: @Babes_For_Boobs, @KomenLA #BBAuction #EdensLoveStory #explant & PROUD! @edensassoonexplant” [Credit: Instagram]

Appearing on E!’s Daily Pop, Brandi joked that with her long history of Drinking & Dating expertise in attracting menfolk, she’s the “perfect person” to oversee the auctioning. I suppose.

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Brandi can’t just do a good deed without punishing someone else, however. After talking up her charitable endeavor, she predicted the demise of Eddie Cibrian‘s marriage to LeAnn Rimes.

I thought everyone was finally getting along but apparently not. “It’s a little rocky right now,” Brandi admitted to Daily Pop. “It’s been like, what? 8 years? You would think that people would mature and be different, but there’s still some craziness happening. It ebbs and flows. Sometimes it’s great, and right now it’s not.”

Brandi believes Eddie is planning to last three more years with LeAnn, then when he’s eligible for of half her assets under California’s community property laws, file for divorce. Do they not have a prenup? After that, Brandi thinks she’ll be able to find peace with Eddie.

“I think when the ten year mark comes, and he leaves her and takes half of her stuff, then we’ll all be good together. She doesn’t have a kid with him, so we don’t ever have to see her again. I think he has three more years, then he has ten years – half of everything – and that’s it, he’s gone.”

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Brandi also disclosed that she would consider a return to RHOBH now that she has DJ Friese as backup in case some needs to take down LVP on her behalf.

“I think, right now, my life is in a better place. I have a boyfriend, so it’s different now,” explained Brandi. “I think when you’re single on the show, people just come for you because there’s no man there to be, like, having your back. It’s like, ‘Let’s go after Kim; Let’s go after Brandi; they’re easy targets.'” Um, no, Brandi and Kim just happened to have been horrible to everyone!

The host, Justin, who used to be Kyle Richards‘ assistant, disagreed with Brandi’s perspective, calling it “skewed.” He denied the other women were “targeting” her. Of course Brandi starts shouting him down. Cause Brandi is always the victim, y’all.

Brandi added that she’s “absolutely” glad she did RHOBH for the opportunity but admitted she does have one regret: “I probably would not have slapped LVP,” she laughed. Just that? [Sigh]


[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]