Terra Jolé Says Briana Renee Only Speaks When Her Husband Is Around And Christy Gibel Made Fun Of Her Own Disability

The show may be called Little Women: LA, but these women are never “short” on the drama. My lame joke aside, this week’s episode was just chock full of controversy. Self-anointed queen of the cast Terra Jolé infuriated everyone by asking them to sign releases for her book and using Briana Renee’s favorite word in her title.

These were just the kind of issues that only reality TV stars could have, but that is their reality and they were all taking every word extremely personally. Now Terra is sounding off on the most recent drama.

Terra talked all about the episode in her blog for People. Terra wrote, “Opening the show up with Jasmine [Sorge] and Elena [Gant] fighting just seems fake like my eyelashes. Elena’s laughing the whole time and then Jasmine starts — makes me think they just like hearing the sound of their own voices. We are all involved in each other’s drama, but I really think we all need to pick our battles, including myself.”

I feel like Terra loved everyone talking about her and her book. I doubt she was actually offended by this and she most likely got off on the publicity. Or at least that’s the one upside to this situation: the more drama this book causes on the show, the more attention it gets from the fans and the press. Ultimately, it’s a win for Terra and this whole cast are just mere cogs in her publicity machine.

Of course Terra continued to lay into Christy Gibel for her offensive music video. I completely understand why it was horrible, but I don’t get why Terra would hit play on the video at her own daughter’s birthday party. She really couldn’t have picked a worse time. But anyway, Terra didn’t catch any flack for lacking social tact at her own event. Instead, the focus is just on the video itself.

Terra said, “Christy’s non-union music video with degrading language and horrible lyrics isn’t even in the same department. She’s making fun of her disability! She’s making fun and making it okay for the world to say ‘Midget.’ That’s not okay, especially coming from the queen of ‘anti-bullying.’ There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The music video was not a good move.”

Still, Terra continued to come for Christy and she made it a point to say that Christy’s excuse that she needed to provide for her family wasn’t good enough. Terra alleged, “She wasn’t desperate for money to put food on the table. She was living at home with her family! The constant lies to cover up her unfortunate mistakes in life are pathetic. Yet another reason we lack as friends.”

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Then Terra circled back to the “fierce” debacle and Jasmine‘s involvement. Terra wrote, “Does Jasmine protect Briana? Yes. Why? Briana simply doesn’t know how to stand up for herself. She talks a big game when she’s with Matt [Ericson], but when she’s around the girls, she DOESN’T SPEAK!  How are you supposed to fight for what you want in life if you never speak up?”

It’s really hard to sympathize Terra (ever), but it’s also so tough to support Briana when she barely supports herself. Basically I just want this story line to end. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen any time soon.

Terra continued: “A woman that came to me asking for advice lacks the ability to follow advice.” Terra is just so arrogant, but the next part did make a lot of sense: “You aren’t going to get anywhere in life unless you ask. You’ll never know if you can move towards your goal unless you actually do it.” And then, she came at Briana for not completing her specific goals: “Nobody is giving you a book — write it! Nobody is making you a model — take model photos on your own! And not by a photographer that offers fake promises. It’s not a how-to kind of thinking, it’s a common sense kind of thinking!”

Well, yeah. We can all agree that Briana lacks some common sense and her intention of becoming a model at this point in life is never going to happen. Especially since she’s been called out multiple times for her poor hygiene and having an odor that transfers to clothing.


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